Couple Shares Incredibly Tender Moment on the Eve of Their 80th Wedding Anniversary: Watch

couple anniversary tender moment(Photo credit: Gabe Jacobs / Vimeo)

It’s been several decades—eight, to be exact—since Arthur and Marcia Jacobs first exchanged vows, but the love between the pair has hardly faded over time.

On the eve of celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary, Arthur, who is 105, and Marcia, 100, were joined by family members, including their grandson Gabe Jacobs, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker who captured the now-viral moment between the pair.

“Do you remember marrying this wonderful guy, Grandpa Arthur?” another grandson named Gideon asks his bedridden grandmother. At this, Arthur grasps onto both of Marcia’s hands with one of his, looking imploringly at his wife. Marcia, who can no longer communicate verbally, except to say, “Hello, hello,” does not respond.

“You both got very, very lucky,” Gideon continues. “You got very lucky to find each other. You know what I’m saying, Grandma? And so did you, Grandpa, you got very lucky.” At this, Marcia seems to understand the in-joke and start laughing heartily.

Arthur is next to chime in. “I love you,” he says to Marcia. “I’ve loved you for 80 years, that’s a long time. We were only 20 when we fell in love and got married. We were still going to school.”

Marcia doesn’t respond verbally, but kisses his hand sweetly.

“My grandparents are incredible. Arthur is 105 (born 1912), Marcia is 100 (born 1917),” Gabe wrote in the video description. “Tomorrow marks the 80th year they have been married. They are one of the oldest living couples in The United States. Marcia can really only say ‘hello, hello’ but she seems to have some sort of understanding of her surroundings (watch her crack up at Gideon’s joke in the first clip). Arthur is a beautiful man and so incredibly in love with Marcia. You can tell how sad he is that she is can no longer communicate. Proud to have descended from these superhumans.”

According to Gabe, Arthur and Marcia met at the University of Wisconsin; Arthur held a PhD in economics from the university, and Marcia worked as the director of social work at the Hebrew Home for the Aged in Riverdale, New York. They lived for a time in Larchmont, New York, and now live in Rye, New York.

Watch the touching clip above.