100 Years of Wedding Cakes in Less Than 3 Minutes: Watch the Video!

100 years wedding cake

Why yes, we would like a history lesson in cakes! Mode has released a delicious new video based on its “100 Years” theme, and this time around, the focus is on one of our favorite topics: wedding cakes. The clip kicks off in 1916, a year when Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States and World War I was in full effect.

Mode enlisted the help of Cake Coquette’s Gabrielle Feuersinger to whip up the mouthwatering designs spanning the last century. Watch the video below to see how cakes (and cake toppers!) have evolved — and how the creations echo the cultural movements in each specific time period.


A simple, single-tier cake with an elaborate decorative topping defines the cakes of the this era.

100 years wedding cakes

100 Years of Wedding Cakes in less than three minutes. (Credit: Mode)


Two tiers for the twenties! This period birthed double-tier cakes featuring an ornate beaded Art Deco design. The studded confections, that appear as if they’re coated with pearls, are reminiscent of the opulence oftentimes associated with the Jazz Age.

1926 cake wedding

100 Years of Wedding Cakes in less than three minutes. (Credit: Mode)


Three tiers in the thirties! The basic design for typical wedding cakes — that bride and groom cake topper — was formulated in the thirties and heavily replicated in the decades following. At the time, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president, and Jesse Owens captivated the world at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

1936 cake

100 Years of Wedding Cakes in less than three minutes. (Credit: Mode)


The concept of cakes infused with color was introduced in the 1940s, and given the time period, cake toppers oftentimes featured soldiers returning home to their loved ones after World War II. The cake designed for Mode’s video features intricate details like frosting flowers and decorative columns inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

100 years of wedding cakes


Cakes in the 1950s had wider diameters as opposed to vertical height. This particular example shows that couples weren’t afraid to experiment with pops of color to decorate the surface of the cakes.

100 Years of Wedding Cakes in less than three minutes. (Credit: Mode)

100 Years of Wedding Cakes in less than three minutes. (Credit: Mode)

1960s and 1970s

Flower power! The color yellow really had its moment in the following two decades.

100 years 60s

100 years 70s

1980s and 1990s

The 80s were a time of decadence and growth, and cakes reflected this mentality.

90s wedding cake

100 years wedding cakes


The millennium arrived and cakes were slightly more muted, though still ornate (and hilarious) in its own way.

2006 wedding cake


Today, couples are interested in finding artistic versions of wedding cakes — think agate and geode-inspired designs and edible renderings — and this painted cake is one gorgeous creation.

100 years wedding cakes 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 2.13.22 PM

Watch the video above and share your favorite decade in the comments section. Also, check out Mode‘s 100 Years of Engagement Rings here.

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