’90 Day Fiance’ Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: Money Trouble for Melanie and Devar

90 Day Fiance's Melanie and DevarOn the fifth episode of '90 Day Fiance' season three, Melanie fought with Devar over sending his paycheck to family in Jamaica. Credit: TLC

There is never a dull moment while watching 90 Day Fiance, but sadly, some of the stars of the show may be suffering from a case of the relationship blahs.

In the November 8 episode, entitled “Missing Home,” viewers were met with tears, tantrums, and full-on drama. Let’s take a look at what each of the couples is up to…

Melanie & Devar: There is no getting around it; this couple is in for a bumpy ride. Devar isn’t sure what to do with himself while his fiance is at work each day, as he is unable to work in the U.S. During a meal with Melanie and her two sisters, Devar reveals that, once he is working, he will be sending the majority of his income to his family in Jamaica. This is news to Melanie, who is currently supporting herself, Devar, and her son, Hunter. Melanie’s sisters are having a difficult time believing Devar and wonder what else he may be hiding. What will the Jamaican do if Melanie doesn’t go along his decision to support his seven siblings? “I will still do it,” Devar admits. Things are heating up with this couple… for all the wrong reasons.

Fernando & Carolina: Fernando is still visiting Carolina in Colombia, but his days there are numbered, as he needs to get back to his life in Miami. Although Carolina questions Fernando’s ability to remain faithful, she goes wedding dress shopping with her mom, aunt, and sisters. It’s an emotional moment when Carolina finds “the dress.” Fernando is teaching his Colombian girlfriend English, but a language barrier is the least of Carolina’s worries. “The distance forms insecurities,” she says. Hopefully her visa will be approved soon, so this couple can see if they will make it together in America.

Alexei & Loren: Since these two will be sharing a home with Loren’s parents, her dad lays out the sex rules over drinks. This could have been an awkward moment, but thanks to Loren’s infectiously happy personality, it’s just funny. Unfortunately, Loren isn’t oozing happiness throughout the episode; during a Skype call with Alexei’s father, it is apparent how much Alexei’s family is missing him. Once they sign off the call, Loren locks herself in the bedroom, overcome by guilt over the situation. When the two do finally talk, Alexei asks her to stop bringing up the distance, as it just makes it harder. Loren says she feels like “a monster,” but it’s obvious she just wants her fiance to be happy. Alexei is difficult to read; we just haven’t figured him out quite yet.

Aleksandra & Josh: Although Josh is sweet as can be, Aleksandra is bored to tears and having second thoughts about staying in the States. Because dancing was such a big part of her life in Prague, Josh takes her out to a Mormon-approved salsa party. The gesture backfires when Aleksandra is reminded of how much she misses the club scene back home. On a video call to her best friend and former dance partner, Aleksandra admits, “I wanna go back to Prague.” Will Josh be able to keep his fiance happy? We’re not so sure. She seems disenchanted with her new straight-laced lifestyle.

Mark & Nikki: We could be wrong, but this relationship appears to being going downhill quickly. Mark continues to bury himself in his work, leaving Nikki feeling bored and lonely. She has asked him to devote more time to her, and she wants more “hugs and kisses.” Mark is set in his ways, but we’re hoping the two will work things out.

Sneak Peek: In a preview of episode six, Mark’s family is visiting from out of state. Nikki is sick in bed, but she does make an appearance at breakfast. Although the family members seem down-to-earth, the uneasiness is palpable. We can’t wait to see what happens next! Although some scenes are almost too awkward to watch, we can’t keep ourselves from looking!

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