’90 Day Fiance’ Episode 4 Recap: Kyle and Noon’s Skydive Proposal

Kyle kissing Noon's handOn 90 Day Fiance episode four, Kyle proposed to Noon after skydiving together above a sign that read, "Will you marry me?" Credit: TLC

If this season’s 90 Day Fiance couples had no external influences, we’re fairly sure they’d all make it down the aisle without a hitch. Unfortunately, each and every one of them is dealing with roadblocks that continue to keep us guessing from week to week. Will they make it? Will hearts be broken? If you were unable to tune into the November 1 episode of 90 Day Fiance, we’ll get you up to speed…

Kyle & Noon: Noon continues to miss her family in Thailand, and the lack of privacy in her new home is certainly not helping. Kyle and his roommate play video games as Noon attempts to clean the messy bachelor pad. In a surprise twist, Kyle surprises Noon by taking her skydiving, enlisting his friends to pull off a marriage proposal to remember. Noon is on cloud nine as she falls from the sky and sees the huge “Will you marry me?” sign beneath her. Kyle proposes, and Noon doesn’t hesitate to say “Yes!” Maybe there’s hope for this mismatched pair after all.

Mark & Nikki: The age gap between these two is a hurdle Mark isn’t taking lightly. He’s bothered by Nikki’s lack of direction, and insecurities from his previous marriage are haunting him. Mark surprises Nikki with a red convertible, hoping to give her something new to focus on. He admits that he purchased the same model for his ex-wife, leaving his future bride determined to replace Mark’s bad memories with happy ones. “My future depends on her happiness,” Mark tells us. We wish them both bliss, but this relationship is going to take a lot of work. We’re not sure lavish gifts are going to win Nikki’s heart in the long run.

Melanie & Devar: Devar takes Melanie wedding ring shopping, and we find out that the future bride’s parents will be purchasing the rings. In another twist, viewers are surprised to find out that Devar’s mother is already living in the U.S., and her goal is to move all of her children from Jamaica to the States. Devar’s mom left her family when Devar was only nine years old in an effort to support her family from afar. The couple makes the 3-hour trip so Melanie can meet her future mother-in-law. Devar’s mother seems skeptical. “I hope it lasts forever,” she tells the couple. We hope so, too!

Aleksandra & Josh: This young couple goes to Josh’s family’s July 4 celebration, where extended family members question Aleksandra about her wild ways in Russia. She fields the questions well, but the conversation results in awkward moments. When Josh’s mom takes Aleksandra wedding dress shopping, the bride-to-be is disappointed by the modest dresses and embarrassed to show her tattoo. She looks beautiful in every dress she tries on. We’re sure she’ll stun her fiance (in a good way!) when she walks down the aisle.

Fernando & Carolina: Fernando is in Colombia to set his fiance’s mind at ease. But Carolina isn’t the only one he has to convince. There is tension in the air when the couple sits down for a meal with Carolina’s parents. Fernando explains to them that the visa process is taking longer than expected, but with no idea of a time frame, her parents seem less than impressed.

Sneak Peek: In a preview for episode five, we learn that Alexei has finally joined Loren at her parents’ condo in Florida. Loren likes to keep things neat and tidy, but lack of space is making her crazy. Thankfully she’s also crazy in love. We’re hoping the romance will make up for the less-than-ideal living situation.

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