’90 Day Fiance’ Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Meet Kyle and Noon

Kyle and Noon chat on 90 Day FianceIn the second episode of '90 Day Fiance' season three, Kyle introduced Noon to his lifestyle in New Orleans. Credit: TLC

Season three of 90 Day Fiance is heating up!

The four couples we met last week are moving full-steam ahead, getting to know each other better and making plans for the long-term. To add fuel to the fire, a new couple has been thrown into the mix, giving viewers a lot to keep up with. If you missed the new 90 Day Fiance episode, or you want a brief recap to make sure you’re up to speed, you’re in luck! Let’s take a look at each couple, and find out how the adjustment from living single to coupledom is impacting them:

Alexei & Loren: An optimistic Loren is clearly in love. The pair is still in Toronto, since Alexei is not yet allowed to enter the United States. The couple has a sit-down with Loren’s parents to discuss their relationship and future plans. Loren’s father’s biggest fear is that Alexei will become homesick and break Loren’s heart. Loren is looking forward to the emotional support the couple will have when they move in with her parents; Alexei is not convinced. Overall, Alexei didn’t have a lot to say. Was it the meet-up jitters, or is he not quite as smitten as his sweetie? Only time will tell…

Mark & Nikki: It was an awfully awkward start for this mismatched pair. Although spirits were high when Mark picked his fiance up at the airport (with gorgeous flowers and oodles of candy), Nikki, 19, accused her 58-year old husband-to-be of being too serious. In his defense, Mark had a lot on his mind. Would Nikki like his house? Will she play nice with his 21-year old daughter? Will she choose to stay in the guest room or Mark’s room? Thankfully, Mark was met with answers pretty quickly. Nikki loves his home and is adamant about sleeping with her man. Perhaps the most cringe-worthy scene was when Nikki found a framed photo of Mark with his first wife front and center in his bedroom. Nikki was upset, stating she simply wants a “new beginning.” Mark saw the error of his ways and replaced the photo with a picture of himself and Nikki. Will he be able to keep his young fiance happy? She’s apparently in the honeymoon phase, but meeting Mark’s daughter on the next episode may prove to be a game-changer.

Aleksandra & Josh: While it’s crystal clear that this new couple would love to spend every single moment together, their life as Mormons won’t allow it. Aleksandra will be staying in Josh’s grandmother’s home until they are married. The worse part? Grandma has strict rules! Aleksandra will have an 11 p.m. curfew. When Josh’s father asked Aleksandra about Russian weddings, he and his wife were appalled that the event includes alcohol and excessive partying. In a private moment between Aleksandra and Josh, the bride-to-be admitted that she feels like she’s a bad person. The demons from her past are causing guilt and shame, but Josh seems to love her just the way she is… baggage and all.

Melanie & Devar: Devar is officially in the United States! After Melanie flew to Jamaica to help him get ready for the big move, they enjoyed a surf-side vacation. Then Devar said an emotional goodbye to his family. On their way home from the airport, Melanie broke the news that there are no beaches in her home state of Pennsylvania. Melanie’s friends, mother, and son, Hunter, were waiting anxiously when the couple arrived at Melanie’s home. Hunter was particularly happy to meet Devar, giving him a football and teaching him a secret handshake. Hunter gave Devar the grand tour, and Devar was amazed that he will live in a home with hot water. Will the quick bond that seems to be forming between Devar and Hunter continue? We sure hope so! Melanie knows that if the relationship between son and future step-father doesn’t work out, her future marriage is doomed. Fingers crossed!

Kyle & Noon: Meet the new couple! Kyle, 28, is a bartender from Louisiana. He met his new love, Noon, 25, on social media while researching places to visit in Thailand. Kyle lives with a friend in their (very messy) bachelor pad. His roommate has a tendency to get naked at home, and the two have to walk through each other’s rooms to get anywhere. Eek! Will a streaking roommate and a house full of roaches deter Noon from staying in the States? We wish them the best, but our optimism is cautious. On a brighter note, the airport meet-up was sweet-as-could-be. Kyle cried, and Noon seemed deliriously happy!

Sneak Peek: In a short video clip on TLC, we meet Carolina and Fernando. Fernando is a Floridian who regularly travels for business. He met Colombian beauty, Carolina, while they were both out on dates with other people. Fernando has been married before, and the marriage ended due to his infidelity. He seems to have a way with the ladies… will Carolina be able to keep him faithful? We can’t wait to see!

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