’90 Day Fiance’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: Meet Fernando and Carolina

90 Day Fiance's Fernando and CarolinaOn the third episode of TLC's '90 Day Fiance' season three, Colombia native Carolina is waiting for approval of her K-1 visa to move to Fernando in America. Credit: TLC

As we continue to root for each and every one of the 90 Day Fiance, season 3 couples, we can’t help but wonder who is (and who’s not) going to make it to the alter. Let’s face it, 90 days isn’t much time to work out the kinks that come along with merging two unique lifestyles. Add culture shock into the mix, and there are sure to be a few surprises. The October 25 episode did not disappoint. Let’s find out what the couples are up to…

Mark & Nikki: Mark encouraged Nikki and his daughter, Elise, to play nice during a lovely dinner outdoors, but viewers were left with the impression that both ladies would have preferred to be anywhere else in the world. Mark was oblivious to his fiance’s discomfort and the fact that his daughter felt like a third wheel. Although Mark had hoped his daughter would be a “team player,” we’re not convinced this friendship will bloom anytime soon. How do we sum up this dinner for three? Beyond awkward. It hurt to watch.

Fernando & Carolina: We were officially introduced to this unlikely couple this week, and let’s just say, it’s too soon to tell. Colombia native, Carolina, 22, has not yet arrived in America, due to waiting on approval of a K-1 visa. Her fiance, Fernando, 39, may be the hold-up; he admits to failing to submit the required documentation pertaining to his previous divorce. The Miami beach-goer was not hesitant to admit he had cheated on his first wife, and he has enjoyed the single life. He’s currently trying to build trust with the “very jealous” Carolina, who has caught him texting and talking to other girls. But his fiance isn’t the only woman in his life with a jealous streak. Fernando shares his home with his parents, and his mother is dreading his fiance’s arrival. Both women have strong personalities and like to take charge. Fernando is jetting off to Colombia for a couple of weeks to set Carolina’s mind at ease. This trip may just prove to be the calm before the storm.

Alexei & Loren: Things are moving right along for this couple! Alexei’s visa has been approved, and he is free to be with his fiance. Loren learned the happy news in the middle of the night and proceeded to call her friends and family to spread the joy. Alexei is nervous about leaving all that he knows in Israel and the uncertainty that lies ahead. But he isn’t the only one that is making sacrifices; Loren has given up her New York City apartment and job to support herself and her fiance by moving to Florida to live with her parents. After an emotional meeting at the airport, we have to admit we’re still skeptical. Alexei admitted, “Right now it’s all a big question mark.” Like her dad, we can’t help but hope the happy-go-lucky Loren won’t get her heart broken. The next 90 days will tell.

Melanie & Devar: If any of the relationships are even close to going smoothly at this point, this couple is in the lead. Devar gave Melanie’s son, Hunter, a baseball bat, and the little boy is helping Devar to stay active by teaching him the game. Hunter will also stand next to Devar as his best man at the couple’s upcoming wedding. Melanie and Devar shared a meal with Melanie’s sister, Beverly, and her husband. Beverly conducted a full-blown interrogation of Devar, who managed to handle the exchange fairly well. For now, Beverly has decided not to hate her sister’s fiance, but if body language is anything to go by, we won’t be expecting another double date soon.

Kyle & Noon: After Kyle’s sweet, tearful response to Noon’s arrival at the airport, we almost forgot about his cockroach-infested apartment and streaking roommate. Almost. Noon was shocked by the messy conditions she will be living in, admitting, “I don’t feel like I want to live here.” Kyle did attempt to make the place welcoming for Noon, hanging up tapestries he thought may remind her of Thailand. The gesture was nice, but we’re not sure it will make up for the unsanitary living situation. Noon is introduced to a couple of Kyle’s friends and learns that her fiance hasn’t spoken to his parents in years. She’s insisting that he contact them. Will the couple’s love help them through these initial roadblocks? We sure hope so!

Sneak Peek: In a preview of episode four, we learn that Mark and Nikki may already be moving beyond the honeymoon phase. Mark, who is an early riser, wakes the sleep-adoring Nikki with a train whistle. He’s focused on his work and worried that Nikki will become bored with his lifestyle. “I’ve got to find some way to keep her captivated,” he confesses. Nikki is in for a big surprise on November 1. What could it be? We’ll keep you posted!

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