’90 Day Fiance’ Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Baby Drama for Mark and Nikki

Nikki talks to Mark about having kidsIn the sixth episode of 90 Day Fiance season three, Mark and Nikki discuss having children. Credit: TLC

Emotions are running rampant as the 90 Day Fiance couples are learning more about each other. In the November 15 episode, entitled “Lights, Camera, Drama,” viewers were met with everything from Bible verses to “Sexy Alexei” shaving his chest and stripping down to his underwear for a photo shoot. Want to know more? Read on to find out about your favorite 90 Day couples…

Mark & Nikki: When Mark’s family comes to visit from out of state, it is unclear whether Nikki will meet them, as she’s suffering from time of the month woes. She does make a surprise appearance at breakfast, which is awkward from the start, but it becomes even more cringe-worthy when Nikki is asked if she wants children. Mark puts his foot down, telling them all he is done raising kids. Nikki confesses to viewers that she hopes Mark will change his mind, but a change of heart seems unlikely for her fiance, who is sticking to his no-more-kids policy. Mark accuses Nikki of being moody, and when she says she will work on it, Mark fires back with, “My ex-wife also said that.” Nikki is bothered that Mark isn’t more considerate, and we can’t help but agree with her. After a mere 30 days, Mark is looking for a change, stating, “We can’t go on in this rut.” Is Mark self-absorbed or just set in his ways? It’s still too soon to tell, but red flags are everywhere. We couldn’t help but notice Mark didn’t return his family’s hugs when they arrived at his home. He’s coming across as cold, and we’re not convinced his fiance will put up with it for the long haul. Nikki is looking for affection, not a cold shoulder.

Alexei & Loren: Loren has dubbed her fiance, “Sexy Alexei,” and we must admit, he is definitely a head-turner. When Loren broaches the subject of Alexei pursuing a modeling career, he admits that he wants to do something more meaningful for a living. While Alexei is thinking of pursuing a future in law enforcement, his fiance is determined to get him into a modeling agency. Alexei caves, and when the couple meets with an agent, Alexei is told he will have to make some physical changes, including growing his hair long and rocking a beard. He’s clearly uncomfortable with these suggestions, but he agrees to do whatever it takes to keep Loren happy. The day of the photo shoot, Alexei is told he will have to shave his chest. The shoot doesn’t go so well, and it is unclear if the Israeli hunk will make it in the modeling world. Loren is calling the shots, but how long will it last?

Melanie & Devar: This couple’s quick appearance on episode six left viewers with even more questions. Although Devar previously admitted that he plans to send the majority of his money to his family in Jamaica, he’s backtracking by saying he will only help out when his family asks for it. The couple seems to have come to a truce, but tension is still sky-high. We can’t help but believe more surprises are to come.

Aleksandra & Josh: We’re not entirely sure, but there may have been a breakthrough for Aleksandra on this week’s episode. The former party girl appears ready to do what it takes to make it work with Josh. When he invites her come to 6am scripture readings with his family each morning, Aleksandra is willing to give it a shot. Although she’s late for her first meeting, she reads a page of the Bible to Josh’s family, which may have caused a change of heart for his father. Aleksandra is relieved when her future father-in-law tells her he feels that she’s part of their family now. He lowers his guard even further by telling Aleksandra, “Thank you for being the person that you are.” It was very sweet and a bit of a tear jerker. For someone who has given up so much, Aleksandra deserves this sense of belonging. Plus, she gets bonus points for getting up before the sun!

Kyle & Noon: It appears that this couple is preparing for the “for better or for worse” part of their wedding vows. They moved into their own apartment, which they both love, but Noon’s happiness is cut short when she goes to visit Kyle at work. Kyle is picking up extra shifts at the bar to ensure the couple has enough money for their apartment and upcoming wedding. When Noon arrives at the bar, she is shocked by the way Kyle flirts with the customers, leaving her wondering if he’ll remain faithful. Kyle explains that “being flirtatious is part of the job,” but his motto, “The nicer you are, the more you make,” is not sitting well with his future bride. We’re hoping this couple can work through their differences and that Kyle’s flirting won’t go beyond the bar.

Sneak Peek: The next episode may prove to be another shocker. Nikki and Mark are arguing more and more, so Nikki asks Mark’s daughter, Elise, to get together. The two girls go shopping, and the sales clerk is speechless when she finds out Nikki will be marrying Elise’s dad. Will Nikki and Elise become BFF’s? We shall see, but for now, we’re glad Nikki has someone to talk to. She doesn’t seem to have that support at home.

As the couples get closer to decision time, we’re on pins and needles wondering who will make it to the alter and who will be left heartbroken. Next week’s episode can’t come soon enough!


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