’90 Day Fiance’ Season 3 Tell-All Recap: Pregnancy News Revealed!

90 Day Fiance's Aleksandra and JoshDuring the 90 Day Fiance season three tell-all special, Aleksandra and Josh opened up about married life. Credit: TLC

After the 90 Day Fiance season three finale, which aired December 6 on TLC, viewers now know that all six couples made it down the aisle. But after a season of high drama and fast track wedding planning, many questions were left unanswered. In a special 90 Day Fiance: Tell-All episode, the couples sat down with NBC news anchor, Erica Hill, to weigh-in on those burning questions. Let’s check in on each couple to find out how they’re doing and what the future holds. Spoiler alert: There’s a baby on the way for one couple!

Melanie & Devar: These newlyweds appear to be settling into family life. Melanie is put on the spot with a question from social media, asking why she would expose her young son to a man she met on vacation. Melanie defends her decision, stating that she did not go to Jamaica looking for a relationship. She explains that she saw Devar coming out of the [ocean] and approached him; she was in training for a marathon and was looking for someone to run with the next morning.

Devar claims he was being sarcastic when he told Melanie that he would send $9 out of every $10 he makes to his family in Jamaica. Melanie explains that she never doubted Devar, despite her sister, Bev’s, reservations. Since the wedding, Bev has come around and gets along just fine with her new brother-in-law. Devar loves being a step-father to Hunter, admitting that the transition wasn’t difficult for him, as he had nieces and nephews in Jamaica. The couple would like to have more children, but Devar prefers to wait until after he is able to work. When asked who initiates the sex in their relationship, Devar is the clear winner. “Devar, you like to talk about it a lot,” Hill laughs. “I even love to do it more,” he replies. We’re predicting a happy future for Melanie and Devar!

Mark & Nikki: As part of the most controversial couple this season, Mark has a lot of explaining to do. Unfortunately, the controversy continues during the interview, when Mark is asked how he handles negative feedback on social media. Although the newlywed professes to having “very thick skin,” he states that most of the online responses come from women who are “overweight, alone, and jealous.” The comment doesn’t sit well with cast member, Loren, who looks disgusted by Mark’s retort. “It’s hard for American women to understand,” Mark tells Hill, “but [Nikki] absolutely 100% loves me for who I am…”

Hill goes on to question Mark about the “around 50” women he was corresponding with prior to choosing Nikki. The 58-year old explains that he had been looking for a young wife, because younger means “less baggage.” Nikki admits that the nearly 40-year age difference initially bothered her father (he’s 10 years younger than Mark), causing her to move out of Mark’s home at one time. The two men finally spoke, and Nikki’s father asked Mark to promise him something: “Mark, promise me, treat Nikki like a daughter.” Although this request caused us to squirm in our seats, Mark agreed, and the couple plans to have a second ceremony in the Philippines, so Nikki’s family can attend.

Mark is condescending during the 90-minute interview, avoiding straight-forward answers and preferring to address questions directed to his wife. Nikki claim she can tell Mark anything, but she wishes Mark would stop dwelling on his previous marriage. “She’s your past and I’m your future,” Nikki tells him. When the topic of children comes up, Mark, who has been adamant about not adding to his family, states that “the chances may go up a bit” now that they are married. Despite the unmistakable tension between these two, Nikki swears, “everything’s perfect.” We can’t help but be less-than-convinced.

Fernando & Carolina: Carolina appears to be much more at ease than we have ever seen her. She admits to calling her mother in Colombia three times a day, and she misses her family and cat. Sadly, Fernando is allergic, so a cat will not be joining their family, but Carolina does say she would like to have a baby in “two years.”

When asked about the relationship between Fernando’s mom and Carolina, Fernando admits that his mother has “no filter,” but the two women have grown closer. Hill asks Fernando why his parents live with him, in which he replies by telling the news anchor that he supports them.

In the segment on questions asked on social media, Hill asks Fernando how he previously got “so much action.” Appearing embarrassed, Fernando reveals that he’s gained about 50lbs since meeting his wife. When the topic of infidelity is broached, Fernando explains that there was never physical cheating. He had corresponded with an ex-girlfriend via email, and Carolina found the messages. He admits to being “transparent” now that he’s a married man and claims that he has changed. We wish them a happy, drama-free life together.

Alexei & Loren: This couple nearly chose to skip the Tell-All episode, not wanting to relive those bad bachelorette party memories. Alexei admits to having a bachelor party before leaving Israel, where he was also surrounded by strippers and received two lap dances. The ordeal nearly broke the couple apart, as Loren was hurt and angry. In turn, Loren went against Alexei’s wishes, allowing her best friend, Sarah, to take her to a strip club to celebrate her bachelorette weekend. Although the couple states they’ve moved past it, their expressions tell another story.

Loren explains that, although many people on social media perceive her as a “spoiled brat,” she’s not. She admits to liking expensive things, but she reminds everyone that she was supporting herself prior to moving into her parents’ condo with Alexei. Once Alexei is able to work, he would like to become a firefighter, paramedic, or policeman. For now, Loren has given up on her dream of her husband becoming a model, but she’s hopeful he may land a spot in a firefighter calendar one day.

The pair has not had a chance to honeymoon yet, but they would like to. They also plan to have a wedding ceremony in Israel in the spring to celebrate with Alexei’s family. At some point, Loren would like to have two children, but Alexei wants more. The future is looking bright for Alexei and Loren… no matter how many babies they have.

Kyle & Noon: After his mother did not show up for the couple’s wedding, Kyle was heartbroken but even more thankful to have Noon in his life. He reveals that his mom did call during the reception but describes Noon as his family. “She fills the voids of not having parents around much,” Kyle explains, “someone to care about me. It’s hard to put into words.”

When asked if they will be adding to their family, Kyle replies, “not yet,” as they have more traveling to do. In a “Newlywed Game” type Q&A, Kyle and Noon both admit that Kyle is in charge of their household. Noon doesn’t seem to mind, though. The couple appears to be blissfully happy. We’re rooting for them!

Aleksandra & Josh: Although Aleksandra made many sacrifices to be with Josh, moving from Russia  and converting to being a Mormon, Josh explains that being with her has changed him too. “She shows me the good in each person,” he tells Hill. As a result, he’s become more open-minded.

Hill asks the couple about their wedding night, which brings on blushes and apparent discomfort. After being asked if it was awkward, Aleksandra replies, “no, it was perfect.” During the Q&A, Hill goes onto ask the couple who initiates sex in the relationship. Aleksandra simply replies, “I don’t know,” while Josh chooses to plead the fifth. Apparently sex talk is off-limits for this couple, but we don’t mind because…

They’re PREGNANT! That’s right, Aleksandra and Josh are expecting a baby! She’s feeling great and not suffering from any morning sickness, but Josh is a bit concerned. “It’s scary,” he admits, as he is not finished with school yet. “That’s a lot of money!” We’re optimistic that these two will be wonderful parents! Congratulations to the future Mom and Dad! We wish you nothing but happiness!

Although we’re sad season three is over, the couples are really just starting their lives together, and we can’t wait to hear what the future has in store. In the meantime, we have something else to look forward to; season four of 90 Day Fiance will air on TLC in 2016. We can hardly wait!

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