’90 Day Fiance’ “Where Are They Now?” Recap: New Music Video, Cheating Rumors

Yamir and Chelsea dance in "Party Love" music video.The making of Yamir's "Party Love" music video, featuring wife Chelsea, was documented on TLC's 90 Day Fiance season two "Where Are They Now?" special.

Fans of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance have waited nearly ten months to find out how their favorite season two couples are doing. In the season finale, which aired in late 2014, tension (and drama!) ran high, leaving viewers wondering if the courtships would last.

In the October 4 “Where Are They Now” special, anxious 90 Day Fiance fans were met with several surprises and even more questions. Two of the couples, Justin and Evelyn and Brett and Daya, chose not to make an appearance. So what’s new with the four 90 Day Fiance couples who did choose to update fans on their newlywed highs and lows? Some of the answers may surprise you!

Cassia & Jason: The newlyweds are trying to make it work. Cassia dreams of moving to Tampa, but the couple continues to struggle financially. Because Cassia wants Jason to be by her side as much as possible, the couple has started a mail order snack business, allowing them to spend most of their waking hours together. The problem is, Cassia typically sleeps until noon and is annoyed that the pair is still living with Jason’s father. She’s also rather annoyed that Jason spends so much time on his phone, getting excited every time he makes a $3.99 sale on Ebay. In a heart-to-heart talk between Jason and his dad, Jason was encouraged to listen to his wife and move to Tampa, so the couple could have their own space. Cassia and Jason plan to move within the next six months.

Danielle & Mohamed: There is not much happiness surrounding this relationship. With a disapproving family, a traveling husband, and infidelity rumors, Danielle’s life seems to be in limbo. After a verbal altercation, Mohamed pressed charges against Danielle’s son, Corey, who is now banned from coming near Mohamed for two years. Although her children have begged Danielle to consider divorce, she feels torn between her family and her new husband. Danielle says she will divorce Mohamed if she finds out that he has cheated on her, but right now there is “no proof.”

Chelsea & Yamir: One thing viewers love about 90 Day Fiance are the marriages that flourish, and this one has done just that! After being a successful popstar in Nicaragua, Yamir is trying to make his music debut in the U.S., and his new bride is his biggest fan. The beautiful bride was the love interest in Yamir’s very first American music video, and he describes the duo as a “good team.” The happy couple says they are “rock solid,” and it shows! Congratulations to Chelsea and Yamir on their 90 Day Fiance success story!

Amy & Danny: The only thing better than one happy ending is two happy endings! Chelsea and Yamir aren’t the only couple who glow when they’re together. After seeing Amy and Danny together, viewers can’t deny that the pair is hopelessly in love. The couple, who decided to wait to move in together until after their wedding, are still learning the ropes; and they seem to be loving it! Danny says that “living together has increased our trust,” and that’s vital right now, because the couple just welcomed a baby boy! Although Amy misses her mother terribly, Danny is taking his role as a family man very seriously. It’s hard not to love this happy little family.
As the October 11 season three premiere gets closer, 90 Day Fiance fans are hopeful that more couples will find true love on the show.

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