This 93-Year-Old Man Still Keeps His Love Alive By Dining With Photo of Late Wife

93 year old man(Photo credit: WTOC)

Theirs is a love that truly transcends time. Clarence Purvis is a 93-year-old widower with a still-young heart that’s completely in love with his late wife, Carolyn Todd. According to a WTOC segment, Purvis and Todd had lunch together every day for 13 years at a local spot called Smith’s Diner in South Georgia up until her death in October 2013.

Since then, Purvis had continued to keep their tradition alive, with one small change: now, the former car mechanic dines with a photo of her on the table to keep him company instead.

“She was always with me when we were living,” Purvis told the news station. “She’s with me now.”

The pair first met back in 1984. To hear Purvis tell it, he knew that he wanted to make Todd his wife right away. The couple married one year later.

“Ain’t nobody loved one another more than me and my wife loved one another,” Purvis said. “I wanted what she wanted and she wanted what I wanted.” They raised a family together and lived a full life up until her death, he said. Even now, he keeps a small shrine for his love well-tended in the house.

In the segment, he pointed to one lamp in particular that he hasn’t turned off since she returned from the hospital several months before she passed.

Purvis also makes it a point to frequent the cemetery where Todd is buried “125 times a month,” he said. “I love her that much. And miss her that much. And I think she would me.”

Though well-meaning friends and neighbors have suggested that perhaps Purvis find himself a new girlfriend to help with his grieving process, the widower said he doesn’t think that’ll happen anytime soon.

“They said if I get me a girlfriend things will be better,” he said. “I could ask her, could I get me a girlfriend? You know what she’d say? ‘If you want to.’ That’s how we operated.”

“Eat lunch, come back, watch television, go to bed, love one another,” he said. “What more you want? We had everything we wanted.”