Abby Elliott Shares “Beautiful” Proposal Story: “There Were Flowers Everywhere”

Abby ElliottAbby Elliott shares her proposal story exclusively with The Knot. Credit: Christopher Polk/NBC

No script necessary! Abby Elliott got engaged to writer Billy Kennedy in October after he surprised her with a movie-worthy proposal. In an exclusive interview with The Knot, the Odd Mom Out star shares her romantic proposal story and details of how she celebrated her engagement to writer Billy Kennedy.

The 28-year-old actress had nothing but wonderful things to say about her fiance, calling the House of Cards writer, “a wonderful, loving, kind, funny, hilarious man,” so it’s no wonder that the two are on their way to hearing wedding bells.

The creative couple met while filming a movie Kennedy wrote, Sex Ed, in which Elliott starred as Trish opposite a less-than-experienced school teacher Ed (Haley Joel Osment). From then on, the imaginative duo’s script was written!

“We’ve been dating for a year-and-a-half, I think. It was a surprise.” Elliott said sharing details about Kennedy’s proposal with The Knot. “He did it in our apartment and it was beautiful. There were flowers everywhere.”

On October 28, 2015, Kennedy created a scheme to get the comedic actress out of the house just long enough so that a friend of theirs could decorate the apartment in preparation for his proposal.

Billy Kennedy and Abby Elliott engaged

Billy Kennedy and Abby Elliott got engaged on October 28, 2015 in NYC. Credit: courtesy of Abby Elliott

“He asked me to go meet him for a drink. So I met him for a drink and the whole time he was checking his phone,” Elliott tells The Knot. Of course, in hindsight, we know now that this was for good reason! After apologizing to his soon-to-be fiance for giving his phone more attention than her, it was time to eat.

“He’s like, ‘We should go home and eat,'” the actress recalled. She tried to coax Kennedy into staying and eating where they were, saying, “‘Well, there’s food here. We can just eat at the bar,'” but there were secret plans afoot – proposal plans – and her boyfriend wouldn’t budge!

After insisting that they head home to “order in,” the two opened the door to reveal their apartment was decorated top to bottom – filled with fragrant flowers and flickering candles.

“It was really beautiful and he was traditional and got down on one knee,” Elliott tells The Knot. “It was just very simple, but lovely and wonderful.”

“Shocked at her home’s transformation,” the Bravo star explained, “I had no idea that the whole apartment was redone. We had a houseguest staying with us – my friend Beth – who let in the flower guy and they lit candles. It was beautiful,” adding, “Luckily our cleaning lady had come that day!”

But even more lovely than the flowers and candles, was the ring that Kennedy presented to Elliott. The actress shared with The Knot, “This is his grandmother’s ring,” reiterating that the whole proposal, “was really special and wonderful.” But wait, there’s even more to swoon over!

Abby Elliott engagement ring

Abby Elliott’s engagement ring that belonged to Billy Kennedy’s grandmother. Credit: courtesy of Abby Elliott

Just after the SNL alum had time to appreciate her beautiful and sentimental new diamond, along with the apartment makeover and her new fiance, Kennedy whisked her off for their real dinner plans at the Beatrice Inn in the West Village where we got the first hint of Elliott’s engagement.

“He was like, ‘We have a special dinner planned at our favorite restaurant,'” Elliott recalled, and when the couple arrived at the Beatrice Inn, “both of our parents were sitting at the table, and my sister was there too. It was really, really lovely.”

A gentleman through and through, the actress shared with The Knot that Kennedy even asked her famous father, SNL alum and comedian Chris Elliott, for permission before proposing.

“The night that he had asked my dad for permission, we were supposed to have dinner with my dad,” but Kennedy explained that he was going to go out for a few drinks, and then they could meet up with Elliott’s father. “But those drinks I didn’t realize were actually with my dad, and my dad cancelled dinner!” Instead, Kennedy and his father-in-law to-be spent the evening together (probably getting sappy about Elliott) and postponed their dinner for the next day!

Bill Kennedy, Abby Elliott, Paula Niedert Elliott and Chris Elliott

Billy Kennedy asked Abby Elliott’s dad, Chris Elliott, for permission before he proposed. Credit: Jim Spellman/

When asked if we were going to see any professional engagement photos of this cute couple, Elliott shared with The Knot that they didn’t have any taken, and that they probably won’t, sticking to more selfie-style photos instead.

“Yeah, you know, we thought about it and then just like being on a farm and holding each other…it just felt unnatural for us, but I think it’s totally sweet when people do,” she explained, “We Instagram!”

But the couple certainly aren’t letting their engagement go unnoticed. Recently, the two took a trip across the pond to mark the occasion. “We went to sort of celebrate our engagement in Italy. It’s kind of like a pre-honeymoon for us.” Now, the couple is ready to jump into wedding planning with the help of coordinator True Event and photographer Leila Brewster.

We can’t wait to see what the real honeymoon will look like, but there’s plenty of time to plan for that later! Congratulations to Abby Elliott and Billy Kennedy on their engagement.

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