Adele Stops Song for Audience Proposal During London Performance: Video!

Adele invites engaged couple onstageAdele invited a couple onstage after she found out they got engaged during her concert at London's O2 arena on Tuesday. Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Adele is at it again, stopping a performance mid-song on Tuesday after catching a couple’s proposal during the first show of a six-night residency in her hometown of London.

Only two weeks after helping a woman in Belfast propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day at the first concert of her international tour, on March 15 the matchmaker musician was calling another newly engaged couple up on stage to offer her congratulations.

While Adele was crooning “Make You Feel My Love” one lucky lady said yes to her longtime boyfriend’s in-audience proposal, prompting the Grammy award winning vocalist to choke up and holler “they just got engaged!”

Still singing, she called down to the couple to join her on stage after cheers rose from the crowd. “Did you just get engaged?” She grabbed her microphone and extended her hand outward. After some confirmation she waved them up. “Come up here you two.”

While the couple made their way to the stage with a security escort Adele joked, “I thought there was a fight at first! I saw all of the camera-phone lights at first and then I saw arms went up and there was sweet kissing.”

The bride-to-be stepped on stage shielding her face – probably from the light – but Adele took the opportunity to jest, “Oh, I get stage fright, too. Get over it.”

After giving both of them big hugs, and asking the couple’s names she questioned the gentleman who identified himself as Johnny, “Did you propose to her?” When he confirmed her hand flew to her chest and she cooed, “Thanks for doing that at my show!”

After some giggles and a swear from the singer (which if you know Adele, you know is quite common), she prompted her crew to bring them up on the enormous stadium screen behind them as the crowd applauded their love.

When Adele asked the couple how long they’d been together Johnny’s fiancee said, “twelve and a half years,” raising cheers and jeers from the sold out audience.

“How did you hear him with me wailing away?” She started to make fun of herself when the woman replied, “It’s our song,” and started to cry.

“So you’ve been going out longer than I’ve been making music?” Adele joked with them again before the couple shared they have a son, Alfred.

“That was the most beautiful thing I’ve witnessed at one of my shows,” she told them.

The three shared another round of hugs and as the couple exited the stage Adele ran back to them asking, “Wait are you going to set a date?”

Congratulations to Johnny and his fiancee (twelve and a half years in the works), and another job well done for fiance-spotting Adele!

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