Allison Williams Dishes on her ‘Very Private’ Wedding and Dress Requirements

Newlywed Allison WilliamsAllison Williams shared details of her private wedding to Ricky Van Veen and why she wanted a wedding dress with sleeves. Credit: Michael Stewart/WireImage

Girls star Allison Williams, who married College Humor co-founder Ricky Van Veen a little over two months ago, dished about their “very private” wedding, her wedding dress requirements, and the couple’s Italian honeymoon at the Forevermark “A Diamond is Forever” event in New York City on Wednesday, October 28.

According to Page Six, Williams spoke to reporters about the intimate tone of her roughly 175 guest wedding at the Brush Creek Ranch on September 19 saying, “One of the most special things about the wedding was that it was actually very personal and very private.”

At the premiere of Forevermark’s new film, It’s a Long Journey to Become the One, Williams also explained why it was important for her and Van Veen to have a less public event.

“It was something that mattered to me in a sense of just wanting it to feel really intimate, and to feel like an experience that we shared as a family and with our closest friends,” she told reporters, “I feel really happy about the fact that it was exactly that.”

“It’s an emotional day and people were free to feel whatever emotions they were feeling,” Williams added.

As for the stunning Oscar de la Renta wedding dress the actress donned for her big day, Williams said her inspiration came from the 2011 royal wedding, but she didn’t have much to do with the design according to Entertainment Tonight.

“Who didn’t look at Kate Middleton’s and Pippa’s dresses?!” Williams said. “Kate’s in particular, because it was actually bridal and [I thought,] ‘Well, that’s just like perfection.'”

Williams revealed this photo of her custom designer dress and veil in full bloom, captured by wedding photographer Christian Oth Studio, on her Instagram account shortly after her wedding.

“This pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole weekend,” she captioned the image.

Though the actress told reporters the dress “came together very organically,” with the team of designers at Oscar de la Renta, there was one request the bride did have for her wedding gown: “I wanted sleeves because I’m always cold! And that was all I knew!”

After the two were wed by Tom Hanks in front of an eclectic group of wedding guests including fellow Girls co-star and writer Lena Dunham, Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen and Seth Meyers, they flew off for their Italian honeymoon which, along with the food, Williams told E! News was “not overrated.”

“I can’t even, like, it’s hard to describe without sounding obnoxious because I’ve always thought all my friends who like love Italy and talk about it are kind of obnoxious, but now I’m one of those people because it’s as if we just discovered it and it’s the oldest culture,” Williams said in her interview with E! News. “The Romans back in the day are like ‘Come on, really?'”

With the actresses feet firmly planted back on U.S. soil, it seems as though she longs to return to the historical hot spots from her honeymoon.

“It’s the most magical country. I love to nerd out on a trip historically, so I get a guide go around do all the things,” she said. “I studied archaeology and anthropology a bit in college, so to stand in Pompeii, it’s like ‘Ugh!'”

Williams and her husband Van Veen have been dating since 2011.  Van Veen proposed in 2014 and the two were married on September 19 in Saratoga, Wyoming.

According to ET, when asked about her feelings on being a newlywed Williams told reporters, “I thought I was going to wake up thinking I would have new hair or wings or something.  It’s hard to articulate obviously – I’m sure other smarter people can put it better than I can!” adding, “It’s so different and not at all different.”

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