Amethyst Geode Wedding Cake by Colorado Cake Designer Goes Viral

Geode wedding cakeThis amethyst geode wedding cake was created by Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings Cake Design. Credit: Ali N Garrett

In a feat of fascinating geological and culinary expertise, cake designer Rachael Teufel has created an amethyst geode wedding cake that is rocking our world.

The three-tiered mineral-inspired beauty was created by Intricate Icings Cake Design owner Teufel to celebrate the launch of a boutique planning company and wedding venue in Colorado.

Even though the cake wasn’t for a bride’s real-life wedding (yet), the luxury cake designer Teufel told The Knot that the piece had quite a backstory. “The cake was the centerpiece for one of three ‘emotion’ inspired vignettes that evening,” she said, adding that the realistic amethyst geode wedding cake fell into the “joy” emotion category.

“Joy speaks of experiencing something that pleases the eye, warms your heart or soothes the soul,” Teufel said. The entire category, “showcased a variety of geodes” and “included rich textures, deep colors and lots of light letting the natural beauty and shape of geodes lead the design.”

Geode wedding cake

The wedding cake showcased the natural shape of a geode. Credit: Ali N Garrett

If you’re thinking this cake was simply made for display, think again! The rich, sparkling purple crystals of the geode wedding cake are completely edible and made from a unique combination of rock candy and granulated sugar. The mixture was then added to multicolored modeling chocolate and styled within the fondant-covered cake. The piece was then finished off with hand-painted details and gold-leafing. Teufel used real geodes as inspiration for her design as well as wedding decorations.

It can take thousands of years for a geodes mineral layers to build into a beautiful display like the one seen on the Intricate Icings Cake Design confection. Like a true geode, Teufel has left the amethyst center of the cake a bit hollow to create an intricate and eye-catching design of crystals growing from its inside edges. Unlike the rocks themselves, the geode wedding cake took about 16 hours of hands-on work to build.

The geode cake’s designer started her journey with a few Wilton cake decorating classes in 2001 when she sought a creative outlet after her day job, and by 2006 she had created her own company and has since made quite the name for herself by focusing on luxury wedding and event cakes and intimate classes.

“Since this cake has gone viral, I have received multiple inquiries requesting I create this cake for others,” Teufel said. Sharing that the amethyst geode wedding cake would be valued at $2,000 and explaining that her physical location unfortunately limits her to serving clients in Colorado and southern Wyoming, the designer did encourage every bride to think on new ways to spin the idea and make it their own.

“My goal as an artist is to create a unique cake for every client,” she said. “You can have a stunning cake that tastes wonderful, even with white chocolate fondant.”

Check out a 360-degree view of the incredible amethyst geode wedding cake by Rachael Teufel below! The cake was showcased at the launch of planning company First Look Events and venue Moss Denver.

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