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‘Arranged’ Episode 3 Sneak Peek: Ben and Vicki Fight Over Social Media

Ben and Vicki from ArrangedBen and Vicki have a dispute over social media on the newest episode of Arranged. Credit: Karolina Wojtasik

FYI’s Arranged is becoming known for its never-ending drama. Although all three couples have had their fair share of issues, Jewish couple Ben and Vicki can’t seem to agree on anything. Vicki had her heart set on sharing a slow dance with Ben during their upcoming wedding reception, but Jewish laws prohibit a first dance. As if that weren’t enough, the bride-to-be decided to purchase a wig to cover her hair when she found out Ben would be disappointed if she didn’t follow Jewish tradition.

Pre-wedding excitement has morphed into letdown and annoyance for Vicki, and it seems there’s more to come. The Knot is giving Arranged viewers a sneak peek leading up to the May 24 episode. In the clip, Ben confronts Vicki during their wedding shower when she posts photos on social media. Her family is across the country, and she’s making sure they stay connected by sharing the celebration via Facebook. Ben believes that posting the photos is “unnatural” and “fake,” despite Vicki’s good intentions.

“I saw they’re taking a lot of pictures and stuff…and they’re all over Facebook now,” Ben tells Vicki. “Which it’s fine, but…”

“What’s the problem?” Vicki asks.

“It would be good to live in the moment,” Ben says.

“I am!” Vicki argues. “I’m enjoying the party.”

“If the whole point is for it to be documented all the time it just feels so unnatural and sort of fake, you know?” Ben explains.

“We have to remember it,” Vicki responds. “Also, my family’s not here and I’m trying to share it with them and show them what’s going on because they’re across the country. I really feel like they’re missing out.”

Ben argues, “You could also just share it with them privately rather than posting it all over the place.”

Find out how Vicki responds back to her future husband in the video clip below.

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