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‘Arranged’ Episode 4 Preview: Taylor Refuses to Apologize to Melba

Taylor and David from ArrangedTaylor and David struggle with the fact that their families "hate each other" on the premiere of 'Arranged.' Credit: Karolina Wojtasik

More drama for this mama! Fans have witnessed major tension between Taylor and her mother-in-law Melba since Season 2 of FYI’s Arranged premiered on May 10 — and it’s only getting worse on the upcoming episode.

The Knot has an exclusive preview of the Tuesday, May 31, episode of Arranged, and not much has improved between Taylor and Melba. Taylor accepts her husband’s request to make amends with his mom, but a face-to-face chat turns nasty.

What kicks off as a pleasant lunch turns sour when Taylor tells her in-law: “I’ll be frank, this isn’t at the top of my priority list.”

“She treats me like trash,” Taylor complains on the side in her confessional, while Melba tells viewers: “I think it’s very difficult to talk to Taylor.”

Melba, who was hoping for a direct apology from Taylor, tries to keep the meal positive, but Taylor continues to air her many grievances.

“There are things I am sorry for, but when everyone is coming at me and shoving this down my throat it is very difficult to be sincere and not just say the words,” Taylor says, cutting off Melba. “I will not give you an apology.”

Though Taylor and her husband David married in November 2015, the newlyweds cannot seem to mend their broken family ties. In a recent interview with The Knot, Taylor said that despite her close proximity to her mother-in-law (whom she affectionately dubs, “Melba-in-law”), there has been very little interaction between the families after the nuptials.

“We were not yet at a point where the relationships with our families were what we wanted,” Taylor told The Knot at the time. And the situation is evident on the show.

As witnessed in last week’s episode, David and Taylor are still fighting because of the awkward family tension. David tries to tell his mom that she’s no longer monopolizing his attention, but asks his wife, Taylor, to have lunch with Melba to pave things over. With Taylor already on edge about not finding a new job to occupy her time, she refuses to meet with his mother, prompting David to utter, “I regret marrying you.”

Watch the preview above and tune in to Arranged on Tuesday, May 31, at 9 p.m. ET on FYI to watch it all unfold!

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