‘Arranged’ Episode 5 Recap: Ben and Vicki Share First Kiss on Their Wedding Day

Ben and Vicki from ArrangedBen and Vicki are both from Seattle, but decided to get married after running into one another in New York City. Credit: Karolina Wojtasik

Welcome to the club! All three of the couples featured on this season of FYI’s Arranged are now officially married. Last but not least, Ben and Vicki, finally sealed the deal (with their very first kiss!) on the Tuesday, June 7, episode of the reality series.

However, their marriages have just started. Here, The Knot takes a look at the highlights as the newlyweds attempt to find a new normal as husbands and wives.

Ben and Vicki: In his 23 years, Ben has never touched or kissed a girl. He’s nervous about his wedding night, but first he must get through the day. He hasn’t seen or spoken to Vicki in over a week, as it’s a Jewish wedding tradition.  Ben admits to Arranged viewers that not being allowed to touch or kiss his fiancee has been “insanely difficult.”

The bride and groom-to-be arrive at the wedding venue separately. Vicki is greeted in one area, and Ben signs legal documents at the groom’s table on the other side of the building. Next, Ben and his male supporters dance to greet the ladies. When he lays his eyes on Vicki, there is no doubt he’s madly in love.

During the bedeken ceremony, Ben covers Vicki’s face with her veil. “You look beautiful,” he says to her. “These are the happiest moments of our entire lives.”

After walking down the aisle, Vicki circles Ben seven times. The ritual is to display that they are now the center of each other’s worlds. Vicki is touched that Ben is emotional. After becoming husband and wife, the couple can kiss and touch, and they are giddy!

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds are led to a private room. They must stay in separate areas at the reception, but first they’re given a few minutes alone. Men are not permitted to dance with women because, “dancing leads to sex,” Ben tells Arranged viewers. Later the couple dances outside as they have their picture taken.

The next morning, reality sets in. Ben goes for a swim, but Vicki must keep her hair covered, so she doesn’t join her husband in the water. Now that she’s married, she must wear wigs or hats when she’s out in public.

When the newlyweds move into their New York City apartment, Vicki is anxious to organize their belongings, but Ben attempts to “keep it light.” Vicki is visibly annoyed while she’s cooking dinner, as Ben won’t stop joking around. She wants to be “normal” for a while, but Ben has other ideas. “I’m really afraid that this is what it’s like to be married,” Ben shares with viewers. Has the novelty worn off now that they’ve become husband and wife?

Mayur and Maneka: Now that they are married, Maneka is Mayur’s property, according to their Indian culture. Maneka is aware that she had no “in-between time” – she was previously her parents’ property.

But Maneka has very little time to consider the disadvantages of marriage. Mayur has an extensive checklist for her now that she’s his wife. Along with a “really good breakfast” each day, the new groom expects his wife to make him lunch, keep up with his laundry and the household while also working outside the home. Mayur wants “steak, potatoes, different smoothies…” His standards are exceptionally high.

Maneka is ready for babies, but Mayur insists they wait. “We barely know each other,” he tells her. “I don’t wanna start having kids right away. I want to experience different things that you can’t do when you have kids.”

Maneka’s concerns are put on hold when the newlyweds go to Puerto Rico. They spend their honeymoon being “lovey dovey,” according to Maneka’s new groom. When Maneka mentions children again, Mayur says he’d like 3 or 4 kids in the future. It seems his plan to wait may be completely out of his hands. Maneka’s period is late, so she’s taking a pregnancy test and hoping for a positive result. How would Mayur take the news? Our fingers are crossed for this couple!

David and Taylor: After Taylor’s big fight with Melba, she’s unleashing on her husband. “I hate you,” she says to David the moment she walks in the trailer door. “You put me in a horrible position,” Taylor continues. But David is impressed his wife made an effort to make amends with his mom.

Later, David treats Taylor to dinner at a fancy restaurant. She’s anxious to house hunt, which leads to an interesting conversation. Taylor wants a house with “it all,” and she’s accepting nothing less. On the top of her list? Two bathrooms, a walk-in closet, and a big yard with a pool or room to build one.

When they begin their house-hunting adventures, Taylor is smitten with the first home they view. It’s everything she wants and more, but it’s ridiculously over their budget. The second house – a more modest choice – is an immediate “no!” “I will rip my ovaries out before I let that happen,” Taylor tells Arranged viewers.

Taylor has drinks with her parents and shares that she’s accepted a job. She was offered a position as a flight attendant, and she starts training in Phoenix in three weeks. The problem is, she doesn’t know where she’ll be based after her initial training. Her parents encourage her to rent an apartment and put her house-buying dreams on hold.

After playing horseshoes and spending some quality time together, Taylor breaks the news to David that she accepted the flight attendant job. David is frustrated that his wife didn’t consult him before accepting the offer. He can’t move due to his coaching contract, leaving the newlyweds in a bind. Will Taylor follow her dreams despite her husband’s wishes?

Sneak Peek: On the next episode of Arranged, Ben and Vicki aren’t touching again. Jewish laws prohibit intimacy while a woman is menstruating. They’ll have to get creative! Taylor prepares to leave her new husband to begin her career in Phoenix. Maneka has news for Mayur. Could she be pregnant?



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