‘Arranged’ Preview: Ben and Vicki Are Forbidden to Touch Even After Their Wedding

Ben and Vicki from ArrangedArranged's Vicki wants to have a first dance with Ben at their wedding, but Jewish religious laws advise against it.

It looks like Arranged couple Ben and Vicki will continue their awkward “car dates” into marriage.

On the upcoming episode of FYI’s reality series, the two — who wed under Orthodox Jewish laws — are forbidden to touch even as newlyweds. Here, The Knot has an exclusive look at the upcoming episode on Tuesday, June 14, and how religious tradition is impacting Ben and Vicki’s new marriage.

According to the laws of separation, the two are allowed zero physical contact. They cannot share a bed, let alone pass food across the dinner table. While Ben appears to accept the rules with little effort, his wife, Vicki, is understandably concerned.

“Niddah is really the hardest when you’re a newlywed,” the new bride says in the preview clip. Ben jokes about “staying away from each other” during the majority of their relationship. “Then, the second we get married… boom!” he says.

Jokes aside, the rules are causing some strain between the pair. Vicki explains that Niddah laws ensure that married couples spend about half of their marriage “not touching [and being] pretty emotionally far apart from each other.” The result, unfortunately, leads to “other types of disconnect.”

Will this newly married couple be able to navigate their way through married life and the endless religious restrictions. Watch the preview above and tune into Arranged, airing Tuesday, June 14, at 9 p.m. EST on FYI.


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