‘Arranged’ Finale Preview: Maneka Marries a Banana Tree to Ward Off a Lifelong Curse

arranged fyi maneka mayur indian weddingFYI's Arranged couple Maneka and Mayur got married on the May 31 episode. The Knot speaks exclusively to the couple about their current situation and the answers are pleasantly surprising!

Going to great lengths for love. Over the past several weeks, Arranged viewers have watched Maneka and Mayur, Vicki and Ben, and Taylor and David work through numerous heavy dilemmas. They’ve made life-altering decisions in an effort to make their Arranged marriages work.

On the upcoming finale, entitled “Rearranged,” viewers learn that not every moment is serious. In fact, some interactions between husband and wife are downright comical. The Knot is giving viewers a sneak peek of two hilarious scenes from the July 19 finale.

Maneka and Mayur: On the night before their wedding, Maneka and Mayur attended a puja – a prayer ceremony for a priest to bless a couple’s upcoming marriage.

In the following clip, Maneka explains that part of her horoscope is that she is manglik – meaning she has been cursed, and her future spouse “supposedly could die.”

About two years ago, in an effort to ward off the curse, Maneka was encouraged to marry a banana tree. Although she took part in the ceremony, she failed to feed her banana tree, and it eventually died.

Despite the death of the tree, Maneka is choosing to remain optimistic about her upcoming marriage to Mayur.

Vicki and Ben: In a second preview clip, Ben feels Vicki’s pain when he tries on one of her wigs. Vicki explains that getting used to wearing them has been a “huge challenge” since getting married.

Ben is shocked when his wife puts the wig over his hair. “It just feels like you actually have an animal on your head,” he says in the confessional. “I look like a tall, skinny girl who possibly had her puberty stunted by too much athletic activity.”

Ben is surprised by how hot the wig is, admitting it’s “really uncomfortable.”

As Vicki is helping him with the wig, he believes she’s hurting him on purpose. “No, I’m not,” Vicki tells him. “This is what I do every day!”

Watch the preview clips above, and tune into Arranged, airing Tuesday, July 19, on FYI.


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