‘Arranged’ Newlyweds Maneka and Mayur Reveal Their Plans to Start a Family

Maneka Mayur ArrangedMayur and Maneka from FYI's Arranged open up to The Knot about their plans to start a family. (Photo by Karolina Wojtasik / FYI)

Baby fever! Arranged newlyweds Maneka and Mayur have fallen in love after their wedding — and now, they’re ready to start a family. In an exclusive new interview with The Knot, the couple reveals their plans to have a baby.

From the moment she and Mayur were pronounced husband and wife, Maneka knew she was ready to become a mom. Her husband, however, needed some time and convincing. Mayur shared on the last episode of FYI’s reality series that he wanted to wait at least a year before trying for a baby because his focus at the moment was being “ultra-successful” and creating a “perfect life.”

However, the couple tried their hand at parenting while babysitting Maneka’s young nephews. During the episode, Mayur shared a constructive chat with the kids about being successful in business.

“When I watched Mayur stating how he would like to teach our kids everything he knows, I couldn’t help but smile,” Maneka tells The Knot. “Mayur is an extremely intelligent man and I look forward to watching him educate our children.”

Despite her husband’s focus on success, Maneka isn’t worried about his parenting abilities down the line.I really think Mayur will be an amazing father!” she reflects. “I was also beyond touched when I watched him say the reason he didn’t want to have more than  3 or 4 children instead of 5 was because he didn’t want my body going through so much. He’s extremely caring.”


Although the newlyweds have agreed to start trying for children, Maneka understands why Mayur was reluctant in the beginning. “We want 3 or 4 children and that takes a good amount of income,” she tells us. “[And] he knows I will want to spend the majority of my time bringing up our children, so he will have to be the main person working in our family.”

Maneka, who was raised in a very traditional Indian family, isn’t necessarily feeling the pressure from her parents to have kids. “More than just tradition, I always wanted my siblings’ children to grow up around each other and, as of now, two of my siblings have three kids each,” she tells The Knot. “So I would love to have my own soon.  I probably am the one putting the pressure on myself, because my family would be happy if I have them soon, but they are very busy with all the current grandchildren!”

Maneka comes from a big, loving family, which she would like to replicate for her kids. “I have so many great memories with my siblings growing up, and I would want that for my children as well,” she muses. “I feel like there’s always entertainment with so many different personalities — so it’s a lot of fun. Luckily, my mom has never had to go through the empty nest syndrome, and I would love the same for myself.”

Despite having a different upbringing than his wife, Mayur is on a similar page. “I would like three to five kids,” he shares with us. “I have always had a small family and always wanted to have a big one!”

Although the newlyweds would love to have their own biological children, they’re open to other options. “We do believe in adoption,” Maneka tells us, “so if that’s in our destiny, we would be happy to give our love and affection to that child.”

As for the newlyweds’ progress in starting their family, Maneka is keeping mum. “That’s for us to know, and you all to find out,” she says with a smile.

Arranged airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.

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