‘Arranged’ Preview: David and Taylor Seek Help for Their Troubled Marriage

Taylor and David from ArrangedGo inside Taylor and David's 28′ home in an exclusive Arranged sneak peek video. Credit: Karolina Wojtasik

Arranged opposition. It’s now been a month since Arranged newlyweds David and Taylor said “I do.” From day one, the duo has been arguing – and the feuds are taking their toll.

The Knot gives viewers an exclusive preview of the Tuesday, June 28, episode. In the clip, the Texas couple is seeking marital advice from church leader, Pastor Tom.

Taylor will soon be leaving for Arizona to train for her new position. She recently accepted a job as a flight attendant without discussing it with her husband. David is still upset about the incident – which is adding to their problems. “All the issues that we’re having are actually getting a lot worse,” the new groom admits.

When Pastor Tom asks the newlyweds about the highlight of their marriage, surprisingly Taylor shares that it’s the intimacy from living in David’s camper.

“It’s interesting, because there’s also a huge lack of privacy in there,” she tells the pastor. “We broke the bathroom door within the first week [of being married].”

“That’s the whole idea of marriage – is to break down certain walls,” Pastor Tom responds. “But then when she needs to scream and run away, [there’s] no door,” he jokes.

“I just grab the car keys,” Taylor chimes in, “and I’m out the door.” She explains to the pastor that she has been having lots of those moments lately.

Any day now, Taylor will be leaving for training out of state. David tells the pastor that he is bothered that his new wife didn’t consult him before accepting her new position.

“We’ve been very disconnected from one another,” Taylor says, dismissing her husband’s concerns. “It makes communication very, very difficult.”

Along with Arranged viewers, Pastor Tom is seeing red flags. “Your communication is the key to a successful marriage,” he informs the feuding couple. “When you look at marriages that fall apart, the problem is – they didn’t communicate.”

David shares that he’s tired of being constantly nagged by Taylor -but she cuts in by telling the pastor that, if David says or does something to annoy her, she tells him right away.

David tends to hold things in until he’s a “boiling pot overflowing everywhere,” according to Taylor. David fires back, stating his wife brings “a lot of unnecessary negativity into this marriage.” He believes his wife instigates the majority of their fights and knows how to push his buttons.

As the newlyweds continue to bicker, Pastor Tom calls a timeout. Will he get through to this couple before Taylor takes to the sky and leaves Texas – and David – behind?

Watch the preview clip above, and don’t miss FYI’s Arranged at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 28.

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