‘Arranged’ Recap: Taylor and David Keep Fighting, Maneka Wants More Time With Mayur

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A double shot of newlywed drama! Fans of FYI’s Arranged  may have been bummed by the show’s unexpected hiatus last week. But the network more than made up for the break in post-wedding drama when they aired back-to-back Arranged episodes on Tuesday, June 21. Here, The Knot highlights some of the head-shaking moments.

David and Taylor: This Arranged couple is arguing over every aspect of their marriage. David is upset that Taylor accepted a flight attendant job without consulting with him first. He’s tired of his wife nagging him constantly. “It’s like a chihuahua biting at my heel,” he says of Taylor.

When the couple goes to a shooting range, Taylor admits she’d like to shoot her husband. She’s accustomed to winning arguments – even when she’s wrong. When she has an “off day” shooting, she blames it on David.

Later in the episode, David comes home from work tired. Taylor pokes fun at the outfit he’s wearing and starts going through his clothes. David feels like she is mothering him when she throws out most of his clothing. After a hard day at work, Taylor insists on taking him shopping.

Once David’s wardrobe is up to her standards, Taylor moves onto the topic of religion. She’s Baptist, while David is Lutheran, and they go to separate churches. Taylor doesn’t take it well when David stands up for himself. “I will not back down on my believes or my opinions,” she tells David. They table the issue so they can move onto the next topic of discussion…

Taylor is bored in the camper all day while her husband is working long hours. He encourages her to get a temporary job until she starts flight attendant training. Later, Taylor’s mom suggests that she volunteer at the local food bank. When Taylor broaches the topic with David, he responds, “Volunteer? So you’re not gonna work?”

Taylor and her mom volunteer at the food bank and have a heart-to-heart talk. Her mother tells her she’s a problem too – and she needs to compromise with David. “You will end up running him off,” Taylor’s mother warns her. Taylor appreciates the “wake-up call” and says she’ll try to be “sweeter” to her husband.

The newlyweds go out for drinks and a game of cornhole. David admits he’s not having fun, because he’s overwhelmed. He believes Taylor is too dominant, and she calls him a push-over. He’s angry Taylor is leaving for flight attendant school so soon after getting married. “I’m telling you not to leave,” David insists. Taylor is shocked by her husbands words – and the fact that he doesn’t support her.

Ben and Vicki: Just weeks after their wedding, these Arranged newlyweds are in niddah – an Orthodox Jewish tradition which prohibits married men and women from touching when the woman is having her period.

Vicki understands the point of niddah is to spend time together to strengthen the couple’s bond – but Ben makes plans with friends, leaving his new wife home alone.

After being out overnight with friends, Ben goes to talk to his rabbi. The newlywed explains that he is struggling with niddah – and the rabbi offers advice. “You grow together on a more human level and emotional level,” he explains. Ben realizes he needs to spend more time with Vicki instead of running away.

The couple goes out for coffee to discuss combining their money. Ben will be in charge of finances – and he’s questioning Vicki’s spending. Their apartment was furnished when they moved-in, so Vicki wants to personalize it – but Ben is insistent on saving their money despite his wife’s annoyance.

After Ben video chats with his dad about how the couple should handle money, Vicki brings takeout home – and they attempt to talk over dinner. Ben would like his wife to cut back on the 10 lattes she drinks every week. Vicki turns the tables – mentioning Ben’s sushi habit and his unreliable car.

As the newlyweds are driving home for their Sabbath on Friday night, Ben’s car breaks down and he’s nervous they won’t make it home before the “time bound commandment” of Sabbath. From sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, Orthodox Jews aren’t permitted to drive. They also don’t work or use electricity. Luckily, Ben and Vicki’s tow truck driver offers to the drive them home.

Mayur and Maneka: In the Indian culture, it is important to start having children right away. Maneka is ready, but Mayur wants to wait and focus on work. Maneka has mixed emotions when her pregnancy test is negative. Mayur is concerned that she’s upset, but he’s busy at work when she tells him.

During their annual Lohri festival, Maneka’s mother-in-law removes her wedding bangles. Maneka is dreaming of babies (literally) – and worries she’s running out of time. Mayur’s mother is anxious for grandchildren as well. He likes to keep his mom happy – which may just push him to change his mind.

When the Arranged newlyweds babysit for Maneka’s nephews, Mayur agrees they can start trying to have children – leaving his wife happy and speechless.

Mayur’s goal is to be “ultra-successful,” but Maneka wants to spend time with her husband. She grew up surrounded by “a lot of love,’ and she’s not used to spending so much time alone.

A “perfect life” in Mayur’s eyes includes multi-million dollar mansions all over the world. He wants to have an unlimited travel budget, fancy cars, and a “real estate empire.” He’d also like to open a hospital in India. Maneka simply wants time with her husband and to raise a family.

In an effort to get Mayur’s attention, Maneka schedules a meeting with him at work. She wants to block time for them. Mayur agrees to make reservations at a nice restaurant for the next evening – but when they go out, he can’t relax and enjoy the date.

Maneka suggests that during alone time, they put their phones away. “That’s stupid,” Mayur responds, worried he may have an emergency. Reluctantly, he puts his phone in his jacket. Despite Maneka insisting they not talk about work, Mayur tells her they should open a restaurant. He thinks it would be romantic to own a place they can go to after work. Maneka is frustrated – asking for the check.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode of Arranged, Mayur puts his foot down with Maneka. Ben and Vicki talk babies, and Taylor and David get professional help.


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