‘Arranged’ Recap: David Opens-Up, But Taylor Keeps Secrets That Could Prevent Them From Having Children

Taylor and David from ArrangedGo inside Taylor and David's 28′ home in an exclusive Arranged sneak peek video. Credit: Karolina Wojtasik

No one ever said marriage would be easy. As the three Arranged couples learn to work through day-to-day struggles and disagreements, they continue to get to know one another and what sets their partners off. The Knot is sharing highlights from the Tuesday, July 12 episode, and – spoiler alert – there are some surprising moments Arranged viewers didn’t see coming.

David and Taylor: After spending several weeks in Phoenix for flight attendant training, Taylor is back – and David is finally really to discuss what’s been on his mind.

After Taylor tells David that she’ll be based in Fort Worth for her job – which was what they had both hoped for, David shares that he never dealt with the death of his beloved father.

David continues to work through his feelings, and Taylor is glad he is opening up to her. She plans a celebration at her parents’ home for David’s birthday and her new job.

When Taylor tells her mom that David is having difficulty with the loss of his father, her mother is unsympathetic, stating her son-in-law should “pull up [his] big girl panties.” She’s concerned that he’s the type of person who will need a lifetime of counseling.

David invites his parents to his in-laws for the celebration. Although Taylor and her mother expect an argument from Melba, she’s on her best behavior.

After Melba toasts her daughter-in-law, the families sit by the fire, eating cake and – surprisingly – getting along. Later, Melba and Taylor discuss how far they’ve come and the “big strides” they’ve made in their relationship.

But it turns out the new bride has long-kept secrets weighing on her mind. Taylor shares with Arranged viewers that she had surgery for cysts and cancer cells back in 2014. She is unsure if she can have children – and she hasn’t been using birth control with David.

In an emotional moment, Taylor tells her mother that she’s been bleeding since the wedding. Her mom encourages her to focus on her health and forget about babies for now.



When Taylor works up the courage to talk to David about her health issues, he confronts her for keeping secrets. He wants her to be “totally up front” with him.

Soon, Taylor flies off for work, putting her health issues “on the back burner” until she returns.

Mayur and Maneka: They’ve been married four months, and Maneka is on overload. After her “disastrous fashion show,” she knows something has to give.

When she talks to Mayur about slowing down and not continuing to work as a real estate agent, he tells her it’s “not an option” and that she needs to stick with it.


During Chunni Charai – an Indian ceremony to celebrate Mayur and Maneka as a newly married couple, Maneka is hopeful it will strengthen their bond, but after the celebration, Mayur rushes off to do work.

Despite being busy, Maneka plans a surprise birthday party for her husband. She goes all out – hosting a casino-themed party at her parents’ home.

Maneka is discouraged that Mayur ignores her during the party. Arranged viewers later find out that he truly appreciated the surprise – and he’s aware that he sometimes takes Maneka for granted.

Mayur picks his wife up from work one day in an effort to surprise her. She tells him he seems distracted, but soon she finds out that he’s had good reason. He wants to get her opinion on a house, but this time the home is for them. He wants Maneka to have a “nice house to come home to.” She is pleasantly surprised by his attempt to strengthen their marriage.



Mayur shares that he knows he needs to be “more conscious of Maneka’s feelings.” He plans to “take a step back from work to start a family.” Maneka’s dreams are finally coming true.

Ben and Vicki: In an effort to contribute financially, Vicki takes a part-time job at a local ice cream shop. Ben visits her at work and suggests they move back to Seattle to find jobs, but Vicki is not on-board.

Although the couple’s families are in Seattle and they’d have “connections” to find work, Vicki enjoys the “modern Orthodox lifestyle” they’re building in New York City. Ben shares with Arranged viewers that their families support them financially. Money is an ongoing issue for this couple, as it’s expensive to live in the city.


As they prepare for Passover, Ben and Vicki video-chat with Ben’s parents. Vicki feels pressured to move to Seattle. She’s annoyed with Ben for putting her in an awkward situation.

Because Ben is missing his family, Vicki plans a Passover “tasting” at their apartment with their closest friends. The taste-testing goes well, but soon after, Ben continues his quest to talk his wife into moving.

On a carriage ride through the streets of New York, Vicki tells her friend, Rebecca, that she wants to go to law school after graduating from college. She’d like to work as a paralegal, and the fact that her family is in Seattle doesn’t make her want to move there. Rebecca encourages her friend to talk to Ben about her concerns calmly.

Later, Ben and Vicki go ice skating and have an amazing time. Ben begins to have second thoughts about moving away from New York City. He realizes the newlyweds need to make their own memories and traditions.

Sneak Peek: On next week’s “rearranged” episode, Arranged viewers will be treated to never before seen moments and learn what it’s like to be in an arranged marriage in modern day America.

Arranged airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.






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