‘Arranged’ Recap: Mayur Criticizes Maneka’s Cooking

Maneka Mayur cooking

An uphill battle. Marriage is proving to be difficult for the three Arranged couples. Strong personalities are dominating each relationship, leaving the more submissive partners feeling discouraged. The Knot catches viewers up on the highlights from the episode on July 5, and what challenges each couple faces.

David and Taylor: As David drives Taylor to the airport for her flight attendant training, she’s ready to talk through their problems, but David is distant and quiet. “I need time to think and process everything while you’re gone,” he tells his wife. “Then we can talk about it when you get back.”

Taylor is upset and hurt as she leaves Fort Worth to fly to Phoenix. “It doesn’t feel good leaving on these terms,” she admits, “but it’s what I have to do.”

David doesn’t want to break down and be perceived as “weak.” The lack of communication between the Arranged newlyweds is driving them apart.

Taylor is surprised to learn that flight attendant training is more difficult than expected. She describes it as “cutthroat,” but doesn’t feel that David cares. “I have never felt so alone,” she shares with viewers. In the meantime, David spends time throwing a football with his best friend and running with his brother as he tries to process his feelings.

When David meets with his brother, Cody, he shares that he misses their father. Cody encourages him to let go of the past and to open-up to his wife.

Later, the newlyweds video chat, and Taylor is defensive. “Do you wanna divorce now or later?” she asks when David tells her he wants to wait to talk about their issues until she gets home from training.

“You don’t believe in divorce,” David reminds her.

“I believe in annulment,” she warns.

Despite her constant studying to score well on her tests, Taylor learns that her ranking in flight attendant school is “incredibly low,” and she may not be based in Fort Worth. After three weeks away from her husband, she misses him and admits to even missing their camper.

After welcoming his wife home, David asks Taylor where she’ll be based, but she’s not sure David is ready for the news.

Ben and Vicki: As she prepares for Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath), Vicki is overwhelmed. She tells Arranged viewers it’s “like having Thanksgiving every single weekend.” She cleans, shops, and cooks while Ben lounges in their apartment. To break up the monotony, she decides to host a Purim party for Ben and his friends – as her husband loves the Jewish holiday.

When they meet for drinks, Vicki tells Ben that she’s planning a Purim party. Initially he’s excited, but then reality sinks in. He’s annoyed that Vicki spent money on party decorations. He tells her she may need to get a job, but Vicki is not on board.

The Purim party is a success, but Ben doesn’t thank his wife. Instead he goes through her receipts before they’ve even taken time to clean up from the party. He’s annoyed that Vicki spent $90 total to pull-off the special occasion. Vicki feels Ben is “ungrateful.”

When Ben video chats with his dad, the newlywed has a wake-up call. “Maybe you’ll have to work, too,” Ben’s father tells him. “Welcome to the real world.”

Ben realizes he hasn’t expressed enough appreciation for Vicki. Just as he has this realization, Vicki applies for a part-time job at a local ice cream shop.

Mayur and Maneka: Every day for Maneka begins at 5:30 a.m. Along with being a realtor and owning her own clothing store, she is expected to keep her husband happy by cooking and keeping up the household.

As a fashion designer at heart, Maneka loves running her store with her mother. The new bride has created a maternity fashion line and will be hosting a fashion show.

While Maneka prepares for the show, Mayur calls to ask what time she’ll be home to make dinner. Maneka hasn’t planned her husband’s evening meal, but admits to feeling “spread thin.” But Mayur has no sympathy. “It’s your job to make me something that I like,” he tells her bluntly.

After a long day, Maneka is driving home. She thinks that getting pregnant may offer a solution to her daily problem, because she would have to “calm down on running around.”

The day of the fashion show, Maneka is late arriving. Because she was rushed, the fashion show was not successful, leaving her disappointed.

After Maneka and Mayur attend an Indian ceremony with family, Mayur comments that Maneka appears to be overwhelmed. She admits that she is, stating “Maybe I need to quit real estate.”

Sneak Peek: On the next episode of Arranged, Ben and Vicki face a “nightmare scenario” when they decide between staying in New York City or moving to Seattle. Maneka is concerned Mayur is cheating, and David and Taylor consider adding to their family — but Taylor is hiding something from David.

Arranged airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.


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