‘Arranged’ Episode 3 Recap: David Tells Taylor “I Regret Marrying You”

Taylor and David's Arranged weddingDavid tells Taylor that he regrets marrying her on the newest episode of Arranged. Credit: Barbara Berry

Transitioning into marriage is tough, even for the happiest of couples, and the May 24 episode of FYI’s Arranged proved just how difficult it can be for newlyweds — and engaged pairs. Here, The Knot highlights the couples and their struggles documented on Tuesday night’s action-packed episode.

David and Taylor: David is busy working long hours, and Taylor is lonely at home. She hasn’t landed a job, so she spends the majority of her time alone while he’s at work. “It’s not what Disney told me I’d be doing as a wife,” Taylor tells Arranged viewers. “It’s incredibly lonely. There’s nothing for me to do.”

Later, the two sit on the bed and discuss the ongoing turmoil between Taylor and her mother-in-law, Melba. David wants them to be the “bigger people” by reaching out to his mom first, but Taylor is tired of trying. The two get into an argument, and it intensifies to the point that David walks out on his wife.

Following the argument, Taylor visits her mom, Trisha, to vent about Melba. The family members drink wine as Taylor solicits her mother’s advice. Though it seemed as if Melba was the troublemaker, Trisha suggested that the biggest issue pertained to David, whom she described as a “people pleaser.”

Meanwhile, David sits with his mother, Melba, who says she’s trying to be positive about the scenario. Melba insists Taylor apologize to her for their prior tension, while David surprisingly defends his wife and their marriage.

“I need you to let me go and let me be with her,” David tells his parent. “You are no longer the center of my world, Mom.” Melba feels that she’s lost David, stating: “It’s Taylor’s fault.”

After a long day at work, David is looking forward to a romantic date night with his wife. When they sit down to eat, Taylor tells him she’s proud of him for working at the school — his job at the school is the same position his father worked in prior to his death — but the conversation goes south from there.

David tells Taylor he wants her to reach out to his mom so the ladies can have lunch and talk. He also requests Taylor stop speaking negatively about Melba, which sends her over the edge. After a lot of back and forth, David tells his wife, “I regret marrying you.” Taylor is shocked by his words and leaves the table. She’s in tears as David’s confession sinks in.

On their way home, Taylor isn’t open to conversation and quickly packs her bag and leaves their camper to stay with her mom.

“Ignore the hell out of her and move on,” Trisha advises her daughter about Melba. Taylor eventually comes to the conclusion that she must give David an ultimatum.

Ben and Vicki: Although this Jewish couple is planning their nuptials from NYC, the actual wedding will be held in Seattle.

Bride-to-be Vicki video chats her mom, who’s concerned about the amount of stress that accompanies wedding planning. Along with her mother, Vicki also turns to her mentor Zahava, who’s tasked with planning her upcoming bridal shower.

Vicki’s upcoming bridal shower is particularly stressful — members of the local Jewish community are invited — and the woman of the hour wants her guests to accept her with arms wide open.

Thankfully, the party kicks off with success. The women are very supportive, and many post photos of the decor and the food on social media. Vicki shares photos from her party too via Facebook, because her mom is unable to attend the shower.

Ben then arrives early to pick her up, and Zahava tells the future groom to head upstairs. In his confessional, Ben tells Arranged viewers that it’s important Vicki make a good impression, because how the women feel about his future wife is directly correlated to how the local community views him.

Then, Ben gets annoyed after he discovers his fiance has been posting photos from her shower on her social media accounts. He explains that in Judaism, “modesty” and not portraying a “fake life” on social media are valued. Meanwhile, Vicki thinks Ben is being “condescending,” but she concedes and tells him she won’t post any additional photos.

Later, the two end up at a coffee shop to set two friends up for a blind date. Vicki, who attempts to play the role of shadchan — a Jewish matchmaker — wants to see if Becky and Zach have a possible connection. Though the group outing starts off casually, it gets intense when Ben snaps at Vicki for being on her phone. He jokingly asks her to hand it over, but he’s clearly annoyed. Vicki retorts and asks him to drop it.

“This is the wrong time,” Vicki snipes at her fiance, but he won’t let it go. The date is ruined as Ben continues hounding Vicki, and Becky and Zach look very uncomfortable.

Days later, Vicki — who’s still hurt by Ben’s behavior on their date — meets with him to work out their issues. She thinks they need to make a “major change” in how he speaks to her before they walk down the aisle.

Ben thinks Vicki being on her phone is “disrespectful,” while she doesn’t want him to parent her in public. She tells him they should discuss their problems in private, and not while they’re out with friends.

“I’m realizing that I don’t know who Vicki is,” Ben tells Arranged viewers. He believes she’s “passive aggressive.” Will this couple ever see eye to eye? Their disagreements are stacking up quickly.

Mayur and Maneka: After Mayur returns from his Las Vegas trip, Maneka visits him at his apartment — but she has a bone to pick. Maneka demands to know why he didn’t pick up her phone calls and messages while he was away in Sin City.

“I was busy gambling and having fun,” he replies, though Maneka is unconvinced. The Sangeet – a big event before their wedding is coming up, and after that “there’s no turning back,” she tells Arranged viewers.

Another big issue Maneka must face is the challenge of working with Mayur after they’re married. Maneka previously worked alongside her ex-husband, and they unfortunately “bumped heads a lot.” She doesn’t want to relive the experience.

This transitions to Mayur calling Maneka into his office and asking her for water. “Work is more important than romance,” he opines to Arranged viewers, “so once we’re married, I expect Maneka to work with me in the office, but not at the same level.”

“As a boss, Mayur is very demanding,” Maneka notes to viewers. “I wonder what that means for our future.” As she’s struggling with doubts about their future, Maneka pays a visit to her friend, Aanchul, who always gives helpful advice. Aanchul encourages Maneka not to stress so much, and be open to a fresh future with Mayur.

“Don’t let the past ruin your present,” Aanchul says to Maneka, who seems to be in flux even leading up to the Sangeet. Then, the formal occasion arrives, but Maneka is nowhere to be found.

Will she show up, or will she decide to call the wedding off?

Sneak Peek: On the next episode of Arranged, Ben realizes he has a lot to learn. Maneka is afraid to get married, and in-laws Taylor and Melba do lunch. Keep up with The Knot for the latest updates.


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