Ben Higgins Talks Post-‘Bachelor’ “Lock Up” with Lauren Bushnell on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Bachelor's Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins on Jimmy Kimmel LiveAfter the finale of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and opened up about what it was like hiding their relationship. Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Bachelor’s Ben Higgins and his rose-accepting fiancee Lauren Bushnell visited Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night to become quick game show contestants and discuss what being a “Happy Couple” really means in the Bachelor world.

The couple, whose final rose ceremony and engagement was broadcast to millions on March 14 played a few speedy rounds of “Fiancé My Name” – the Jimmy Kimmel Live version of The Newlywed Game – to test their knowledge of their future spouse. Ben and Lauren were given cards and markers to jot answers about each other all in the name of a dinnerware prize.

The game started off easy with guessing each other’s middle names for forks, but when it came to their spouse’s mother’s maiden names they had to get clever. Lauren chose to stick with one of, if not the most common last name “Smith” while Ben let his charm run wild by writing down “Beautiful.” Getting in good with the in-laws. Smart!

When the cards were put away – and don’t worry, they won the entire dinner and flatware sets despite their score – Ben and Lauren revealed how they were able to see each other despite the Bachelor proposal filming not matching up with last night’s engagement reveal.

“It was November 23rd,” Ben said confirming the date he proposed to Lauren to the Jimmy Kimmel Live host. He shared the sneaky process he and Lauren had to go through to meet in secret saying, “They call them ‘Happy Couples.’ So the idea is, a ‘Happy Couple’ is to lock two people in a house somewhere around LA and you hang out for the weekend.”

“You’re like El Chapo always on the run,” Jimmy joked. “Yeah. Exactly. All the time. You don’t leave,” Ben agreed.

After Jimmy compared their secret, post-production rendezvous to house arrest for a DUI Ben shared, “The best house we’ve had yet though was in Pasadena. It was this mansion, I mean it was massive.”

“They had moved out so they left a couch and a bed, but the show never checked in to see if they had wifi, cable television, a hot tub, a pool,” he said of this particular ‘Happy Couple’ abode. “So they lock us in a house for four days and we literally sit on the couch and stare at each other.” Luckily someone from the series was able to deliver them food, but can you imagine going from constant cameras to nothing at all?

“Yeah and how much sex can you have?” Jimmy poked fun at the Bachelor couple. “I mean, let’s be honest, nobody’s a teenager here…” he said adding, “how much sex have you had” to get a laugh from Ben and Lauren and cheers from the crowd.

The couple also chatted with host Jimmy Kimmel about Ben’s 7:30am wake-up time and Lauren’s need to sleep in until 10 o’clock. When Jimmy asked if it was a problem for the pair, Lauren gained quite the audience reaction with her response. “I mean, no. I’ve trained him to let me sleep,” she said inciting “Oohs” from the crowd.

Lauren also shared that she had attempted to return to work as a flight attendant at the end of January, but with the show airing for about a month at that time, it was “a little crazy.”

“People were so nice, but it definitely got in the way of my pushing the cart,” she said. “I was a little slower at pouring drinks and I felt bad for my customers.”

Though the Jimmy Kimmel Live host hinted about a future baby when discussing the Bachelor couple’s morning routines and “training,” we’ll have to wait and see. As Lauren said on Good Morning America Tuesday, they’re just “looking forward to starting a normal life,” but we can still dream of their wedding and a baby in their future!

Congratulations again to the “Happy Couple” Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell! Check out their “Fiancé My Name” challenge on the March 14 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live below!

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