Bachelor Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell Tell Us Why Wedding Planning Is a “Constant Conversation”

Bachelor Ben Lauren BushnellSeason 20 Bachelor Ben Higgins and fiancee Lauren Bushnell, the new co-hosts of Disney’s ‘Fairy Tale Weddings,’ tell The Knot that they’re constantly thinking of new ideas for their own wedding. (Freeform/Todd Anderson)

Up next? Maybe their own fairytale wedding. While Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s latest foray into television doesn’t exactly involve their own pending nuptials, the season 20 Bachelor couple tells The Knot that they found inspiration while filming Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings—and largely from the couples celebrating their love.

“It’s something that Ben and I both were really excited about,” Bushnell says of the Freeform special. “It wasn’t about us. It was about other couples and highlighting their stories.”

Take, for example, Eric and Ruby from Oxnard, California, one of the four pairs to be featured in the special. Before Eric was deployed seven years ago, he and Ruby exchanged vows inside a courthouse with the promise that they would someday have an actual wedding complete with live music and a gorgeous venue.

“Their story is one where they’ve persevered through some tough times, some great times, and this experience allows them to renew their vows at Disney World,” Higgins explains. “It was a couple that we respected. We appreciated their relationship and perseverance especially as Eric went and served our country.” The episode will culminate with a capella group Pentatonix serenading the pair.

FREEFORM SPECIALS - "Disney Fairytale Weddings Special" - Bachelor alumni Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell take you behind the scenes of some truly fabulous weddings in FreeformÕs ÒDisneyÕs Fairy Tale WeddingsÓ special, airing on SUNDAY, MAY 7, at 8:00 Ð 9:30 p.m. EDT. (Freeform) RUBY CARPO, ERIC CARPO


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For Bushnell, witnessing the grandiose vow renewal ceremony made her think that maybe–just maybe–she wanted something over-the-top for her own nuptials. “Lately, I’ve thought I wanted a smaller wedding,” says the blogger, who reveals that her favorite Disney Princess growing up was Cinderella. “But after [Eric and Ruby] had an extremely magical wedding in front of the castle, I thought, ‘I could go for an over-the-top magical wedding.’ It was absolutely beautiful. It made me think, ‘Maybe I do want a big wedding.’”

The couple attended the 20th annual The Knot Gala last fall, where they were exposed to a variety of ideas. However, they’re slowly planning out details—and that’s okay. “We always have updates. I think it’s a conversation that Lauren and I have all the time,” Higgins tells us of wedding planning. “Especially doing this special. There were so many experiences that we got to be a part of where we pulled things out and we thought, ‘This would be cool,’ or ‘Eh, this wouldn’t be as great.’ I remember we walked into the Pavilion at Disney World and Lauren looked at me and went, ‘Wow. How cool would it be to get married here?’”

There’s nothing monumental to note… just yet. “Big updates? We really don’t have any,” Higgins continues, “but it’s always a constant conversation.”

Bachelor Ben Higgins Lauren Bushnell Disney weddings

Season 20 Bachelor Ben Higgins and fiancee Lauren Bushnell, the new co-hosts of Disney’s ‘Fairy Tale Weddings,’ tell The Knot that they’re constantly thinking of new ideas for their own wedding. (Freeform/Todd Anderson)

For now, the two are reveling in normalcy. Following the whirlwind adventure that was The Bachelor, routine is what they now seek—and have come to appreciate about their relationship. “When I think of my love for Ben, it’s where Ben cooks dinner and we watch Netflix,” muses Bushnell, who moved to Denver to be with her fiance after the 2016 finale. “It’s having the comfort of your best friend, watching a show, and being content. I think being content is the best part about being in love… like the moment you exhale and you’re so unbelievably [satisfied with life].”

Higgins adds, “I think that when you fall in love, that is a blessing. There’s very few times in life where people are able to put something above their own desires or their own schedule or agenda. I think love allows that… to be fulfilled or to succeed in the safety of being content. Ultimately love is sacrifice and it’s a beautiful thing when it’s done in the arena of a relationship.”

Tune in to Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings on Sunday, 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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