Bachelor’s Catherine Lowe Explains Why She is Wearing a $38 Engagement Ring

Bachelor star Catherine LoweFind out why Bachelor star Catherine Lowe replaced her Neil Lane engagement ring. Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

The Bachelor bride Catherine Giudici Lowe is sporting a gorgeous new engagement ring for a good reason!

The winner of Season 17 of the ABC reality series took home the former Bachelor Sean Lowe, and along with her beau came an impeccable Neil Lane diamond engagement ring (and wedding band). But now the mother-to-be explains exclusively to The Knot why she’s swapped out her original engagement ring for a new one!

“Once I hit seven months of pregnancy, I figured even though I could take my wedding and engagement rings on and off, it wouldn’t be long until I needed to find a replacement,” the expecting mother told The Knot. “I would kick myself if I was stubborn enough to get to the swollen place where they would have to cut them off me!”

“Mrs. Catherine, your diamonds are calling on line three.” Ring rang.

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According to Catherine’s Instagram account, the reality star and mom-to-be removed her diamond encrusted Neil Lane engagement ring just in time and is, “Rockin’ a new one,” because her previous rings are now much too small! “Mah fingas are growing too much for my 4 1/2 size Neil Lane,” she captioned the May 2 close-up photo of her hands holding a coffee mug.

With their “SOON!” July 5 due date fast approaching, Catherine took matters into her own hands and switched her engagement ring for a new design. She showed off her new, more organically cut stone with its thin gold band and finished the caption with “#pregprobs.”

Catherine shared with The Knot that she’s good friends with lifestyle brand designer and Blaine Bowen founder Blaine Muhl saying she’s, “been blessed to be gifted so many of her beautiful creations,” her new engagement ring included.

“The ring I chose to wear for the remainder of my pregnancy was displayed in my closet among the other stunning pieces of hers and this one just stood out to me as the perfect replacement. I think everyone agrees!”

The ring’s designer Blaine shared exclusively with The Knot the details of the ring, identifying the stone as a natural Herkimer Diamond. The name is a bit deceiving as the “diamond” is actually “a naturally faceted Quartz with exceptional clarity,” Blaine said, adding, “Herkimer Diamonds are considered the most prized and ‘powerful’ Quartz stones.”

Speaking of her gift to mother-to-be Catherine, Blaine said, “A rare clarity Herkimer Diamond (in my finds) was a no-brainer for me when I pulled it as a gift for her at the time. Not to mention she looks great in everything, so she’s kind of a designer’s dream.”

Rockin’ a new one. (Mah fingas are growing too much for my 4 1/2 size Neil Lane) #pregprobs

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Though her ring isn’t brand new, and though Sean didn’t help her pick it out, it’s still turning heads with it’s unique design that’s drastically different from her Bachelor engagement ring.

“When I designed the ring, I wanted the ‘diamond’ to be the focal point and look as if it was floating, so I decided to use Gold filled wire to achieve the look I wanted,” Blaine said. She then revealed the ring’s inexpensive price tag – only $38 – with The Knot!

“I have worn this ring for special occasions since I got it a year or two ago and will continue to rock this stunner,” Catherine told The Knot.

Blaine explained, “I think simplicity is key. There’s no need to break the bank, and there are plenty of amazing options to ‘sub in’ during this wonderful time,” offering her advice on styles that suit expecting mother’s ring replacement needs. “I love wire rings because they can be expanded on a mandrel, and can shrink back a bit after lack of wear…like the one I gave Catherine.”

“I also love the trend ‘cuff’ rings…and I love their versatility. They aren’t a complete band so it is easy to pull them apart if your fingers swell, then just push them back together when you are ready. I like to swap my rings between fingers, so thats’ where this style comes in handy as well.”

After getting engaged on The Bachelor Season 17 finale in 2013, Catherine and Sean were married in a live televised ceremony on January 26, 2014. The couple announced that they were expecting their first child on their respective Instagram accounts on Tuesday, December 8.

Sean shared the news of their future-parent status with a photo of himself and Catherine cuddled up on the couch. Pictured with his hand on her belly the father-to-be captioned the photo, “It’s happening! I’m going to be a dad!”

It’s happening! I’m going to be a dad! 👰🏻👱🏻👶🏻🐶🐶

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It’s clear that Sean is utterly smitten with his baby-bumped Bachelor bride regardless of the ring she is wearing (or who gave it to her) as he snapped this photo of her last week. He captioned the image, “Who won who? As far as I’m concerned, I won The Bachelor lottery with this one.” Aw!

With their love still burning strong Catherine shared with The Knot, “My best piece of marriage advice is to never forget your man. Some brides may neglect their husbands when they are taken by their new role, anxieties, emotions but I’m just as obsessed with Sean as I ever was. We are a team and that can’t change ever.”

“As special as this baby will be in our lives, Sean and my relationship has to be strong to stand up to all the challenges and wonders a new baby brings.”

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