‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Josh Murray and Nick Viall Fight For the Same Woman — Again

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No icebreakers necessary. The spicy cast of Bachelor in Paradise has skipped the oftentimes awkward, “getting-to-know-you” phase, and they’re diving into relationships. Here, The Knot recaps the Monday, August 8, episode, and a new arrival complicates the tangled web of relationships even further.

A Departure and a Late Arrival

After beloved Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison confronted Chad Johnson on last week’s Bachelor in Paradise premiere, Chad is determined to make more waves before leaving Paradise. As the rest of the cast celebrates his departure, Chad eats lunch meat and plots his revenge.

Chad may be gone for the moment, but Leah Block (from Bachelor Ben Higgins’ season) joins the cast, and she’s arrived armed with a date card. She is excited to go on a one-on-one date, as she missed out when she was on The Bachelor.

Leah is “extremely disappointed” when she learns that Chad has left Paradise, but soon she sets her sights on Nick – who would like to get to know her “from a sexual standpoint.”

The other woman are frustrated by how forward Leah is with the men. Amanda is particularly jealous when the newcomer interrupts a conversation to publicly invite Nick on a one-on-one date. Nick immediately says yes, much to Amanda’s dismay. “I was excited about him,” Amanda says in the confessional. “It sucks.”

A Drunken One-on-One Date

Nick and Leah enjoy spending time on the streets of Mexico, drinking liquor and eating bugs. They share lingering kisses on the beach when it’s time to say goodnight. “There is something there,” Leah says of her budding relationship with Nick.

Meanwhile, Lace sits at the bar, telling Vinny she’s concerned she won’t get a rose. Vinny assures her that she and Grant have a connection, but Lace doesn’t seem convinced. She throws back shots at the bar and confides in the bartender.

Amanda’s Moment

Amanda takes time out to video chat with her children. She misses them, but she’s hoping to find love in Paradise.

Leah tells her competitors – including Amanda – that she had a connection with Nick.

In a turn of events, Nick’s name is on the next date card, meaning he will be going on a second date that day. He asks Amanda to join him, and she happily says yes, leaving Leah jealous and “very confused.”

During their date, Nick tells Amanda that he’s attracted to “strong personalities.” Amanda tells him she’s not afraid to speak her mind although she’s viewed as “sweet.”

amanda stanton nick viall

(ABC/Rick Rowell)

After dinner, Nick and Amanda enjoy alone time on the beach by a fire. They don’t do much talking, instead spending their time making out. Leah is bummed as it sinks in that Nick and Amanda are probably hitting it off. She drinks her troubles away and goes to bed alone.

Hooking Up and Locking In Roses

Evan and Carly discuss who they’re attracted to, and it turns out they’re fans of each other. But this duo is not on the same page when they go in for their very first kiss.

“It was butterflies and explosions,” Evan gushes in the confessional after locking lips with Carly. “It was perfect.”

“That kiss was so terrible,” Carly later says. “I don’t understand how this man has two children.” However, she admits that there are other things about Evan that she finds attractive.

Lace and Grant resume their relationship on the beach that evening. After drinking and talking, they make their way to bed. Lace wants to ensure she receives a rose. She covers the camera before getting closer with Grant.

Rose Ceremony Shenanigans

The singles have a chance to mingle before the first rose ceremony. The pressure is on, as the men are in charge, and two women will be leaving Paradise.

Sarah and Vinny kiss before the rose ceremony, but Izzy interrupts them. She wants validation that Vinny will be giving her his rose. He kisses her before making his ultimate decision.

Leah is confident that Nick will choose her over Amanda. She steals him away and tells him she feels the connection between them. Nick admits that he believes he had more of a connection with Amanda, leaving Leah devastated.

As her “Plan B,” Leah spends time with Daniel. Despite their awkward conversation, she’s sure that he’s attracted to her and she’ll be receiving his rose.

Grant kicks off the rose ceremony by giving his rose to Lace. Nick offers his rose to Amanda, and Evan gives his rose to Carly.

Jared chooses Emily, leaving Jubilee visibly disappointed. Because Emily was offered a rose, her twin sister Haley will stay in Paradise, too.

Next is Vinny, who offers his rose to Izzy. Sarah “feels really stupid,” as she “put herself out there,” and she feels it’s a “slap in the face.”

Finally, Daniel gives his rose to Sarah.

Leah and Jubilee say their goodbyes after not being chosen.

Rose Ceremony Afterthoughts and Another Newcomer

Following the first rose ceremony, Amanda and Nick spend time alone together. “I’m 100% certain that Amanda’s the person that I wanna really invest 100% of my time here with. I see a lot of potential with us,” Nick says in the confessional.

As the couples are getting cozy, Josh Murray (from Andi’s season) makes his entrance into Paradise. He tells Chris Harrison that he’s looking for a wife.

After quick introductions, Josh opens his date card and chooses Amanda for his first date. There is animosity brewing between Josh and Nick, as (once again) they pursue the same woman.

After asking Amanda to join him for his first date, Nick inwardly questions Josh’s intentions. Josh and Amanda enjoy a day out getting to know each other on a sailboat. The date seems to be going well, but then Josh fixates on the “ludicrous” stories that his ex-fiancee, Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, wrote about him, changing the vibe of the date.

Soon, all talk of the past is forgotten, and Josh and Amanda begin making out on the sailboat.

josh murray amanda

(ABC/Rick Rowell)

A Hot and Heavy Kiss

After their awkward kiss, Carly has been avoiding Evan. But when he receives a date card and asks Carly on a date, she’s forced to give him an answer.

“Sure,” she says reluctantly before rolling her eyes and admitting she’s feeling “conflicted.” Evan is excited, but Carly shares that “every part of [her] is unexcited.”

Evan is looking forward to a romantic date with Carly, but he’s surprised to find Chris Harrison and an audience waiting for them as they arrive at their date location. Chris encourages them to try for a Guinness World Record by sharing the “longest, hottest habanero kiss.” They have 30 seconds to completely eat a habanero pepper and then kiss for 90 seconds. Evan is excited, but Carly wishes she could be sharing the kiss with someone else. They break the World Record, leaving Evan elated, but Carly takes a moment to throw up.

Back in Paradise, Emily is hoping for a connection with Jared. She starts with small talk and follows up with plenty of compliments in an effort to draw him in. Just when Emily thinks Jared isn’t interested, he rewards her efforts with a kiss.

The Fight for Amanda

Nick confronts Josh after Amanda and Josh return from their date. Josh accuses Nick of wanting to bring “drama to the situation.” Josh believes God has a plan for his time in Paradise, but he kisses Amanda in front of Nick hoping to win her heart.

Tempers are flaring as the singles stake their claim.

Don’t miss the next episode of Bachelor in Paradise, airing Tuesday, August 9, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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