‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: A Newcomer Goes On a Date with Haley – Or Is It Her Twin Sister Emily?

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Game-changers galore! Just when the Bachelor in Paradise cast members are pairing off into couples, more sexy singles are making their entrance – and shaking things up. The Knot is recapping every passionate, comical (and sometimes cringe-worthy) moment of the Tuesday, August 9, episode.

Making Out and Breaking Up

If Amanda has any reservations about jumping headfirst into a relationship with Josh, it’s not showing. Since their date, they are making out constantly, and they don’t care who is watching. Although Nick is clearly irritated by the PDA, he insists he doesn’t care that Amanda seems to have made her choice.

Christian Bishop (from JoJo’s season) enters Paradise unexpectedly. He asks his male castmates which ladies are spoken for. He’s warned not to pursue Amanda, and Daniel tells him he’s interested in Sarah.

Much to Daniel’s annoyance, Christian asks Sarah to talk privately. He uses his date card to invite her on a date, which she happily accepts.

The next morning, Carly has some clarity. She realizes she doesn’t want to lead Evan on, so she finds him and asks him to chat.

“He gives me erectile dysfunction,” Carly says of Evan – who works as an erectile dysfunction specialist. When they talk, she tells him she wants to be friends, but Evan is hurt. He sobs in the confessional, positive he’s next to go home. He debates whether or not to leave before the next rose ceremony.

Broken Hearts and New Beginnings

Sarah and Christian go zip-lining and repelling on their date. Christian finds Sarah sexy and calls her “an amazing woman.” Sarah is equally enamored with him.

When they return to Paradise and share their experience, Daniel is jealous. He attempts to win Sarah’s affection by asking her to spend some time alone. Sarah loves how he makes her laugh, but she wants to pursue a relationship with Christian. Daniel, however, opens up to her about his feelings and aspirations, giving Sarah second thoughts. She admits that she had thought of Daniel “several times” during her date with Christian.

The Paradise cast is lounging beachside when yet another newcomer arrives. Brandon Andreen (from Desiree’s season) makes quite the first impression. Carly is immediately drawn to him, but after talking to both Haley and Carly, he asks Haley on a date. Carly is sad, wondering if she’s destined to be single.

But there still may be a chance for poor Carly. During her date with Brandon, Haley excuses herself from dinner and makes a quick switch with her twin. When Emily returns in Haley’s place, Brandon has no idea he’s now on a date with Haley’s sister.

Evan’s Last-Ditch Effort

Evan is desperate to stay in Paradise. Although he thinks Amanda is out of his league, he’s determined to push through his insecurities and ask her out. He makes his own date card and interrupts her make-out session with Josh.

Sneak Peak: Next Monday, Evan will do anything to win Amanda over. He opens up to her about Josh’s shady past. Caila Quinn (from Ben Higgins’ season) joins the Paradise cast, and some of her competitors fear the newcomer will ruin their chances of finding true love.

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