Bachelor Nick Viall Selects His Final Four Ahead of Hometown Dates: Find Out Who’s Left

Bachelor Nick ViallBachelor Nick Viall. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Nick Viall is proving to be the most unpredictable Bachelor ever. After sending six women home on last week’s episode, the season 21 lead re-assessed his options on the February 13 episode. Read the recap below.

The Decision

The women are emotional since Nick admitted he’s unsure if he can continue the process.”It makes me worry that he’s gonna throw in the towel,” Raven says in the confessional.

During a heart-to-heart chat with Chris Harrison, Nick acknowledges his fear of not finding love on The Bachelor. “I’ve been incredibly confident in relationships before, only to have that rug pulled out right under me,” Nick explains. “Not only is it a crappy feeling… It messes with your ability to trust your own emotions.”

After his conversation with Chris, Nick returns to the ladies’ suite and apologizes for his behavior the previous night. “I just got really scared,” he admits.

After explaining his mixed emotions, Nick reveals that he is there for the remaining six women. “I see what I want in this room,” he reveals to the ladies. He then cancels that night’s rose ceremony, and tells the women to pack, as they’re heading to the Bahamas.

“The Perfect Place to Fall in Love”

The ladies are hopeful as they arrive on the island of Bimini. The week’s first date card arrives, and Vanessa learns she’s be going on the week’s first one-on-one date. “Let’s go deeper…” the card teases.

Corinne is visibly irritated that she hasn’t yet been chosen for a solo date with Nick. “I think he wants to get deeper emotionally with her, and that’s freaking me out,” she says in the confessional.

A Tropical One-on-One

Nick and Vanessa set out to sea. They share their fears, as well as their dreams for the future. As they dive underwater, Vanessa realizes she’s falling in love with Nick. She’s confident that he’s feeling the same way.

That night, Vanessa tells Nick she loves how easy it is to be with him. “I feel confident and comfortable enough to tell you that I am falling in love with you,” she reveals. Nick explains that it’s important to him to only say “I love you” to one woman during his Bachelor journey. Vanessa attempts to hide her disappointment.

High-Stakes in Paradise

The women are nervous when the next date card arrives. Corinne, Kristina, and Raven will be joining Nick for a group date. The stakes are high, as the woman who receives the date rose will take Nick home for next week’s hometown dates.

The ladies meet Nick on a yacht, and Corinne is determined to “steal the show.” She is jealous when Nick applies sunscreen to her competitors.

Nick shares that they’ll be snorkeling, and there are sharks in the water. Kristina is terrified when she sees a shark just below her. Nick returns to the boat to comfort her, leaving the over women discouraged.

Later that evening, Nick meets with his dates individually before he gives the date rose to Raven. He whisks her away for one-on-one time, leaving Corinne and Kristina confused.

A Fight to the Finish

Back in the suite, Danielle L. and Rachel learn they’ll be going on the final one-one-one dates before hometowns.

Nick and Danielle explore the island on bikes, and play basketball with local children. When they sit down to talk, Nick realizes communication is strained. Danielle appears to be unaware of his concerns. She pours her heart out to Nick over drinks that evening, but in the confessional, Nick admits that he doesn’t reciprocate Danielle’s feelings. When he tells Danielle, she’s heartbroken. “I hope you find what you’re looking for,” she says as she walks away.

Corinne is concerned she’s going home at the next rose ceremony. She sneaks to Nick’s suite to “remind him of the spark [they] have.” Although Nick is clearly surprised by her visit, he invites Corinne in for a drink. She leads him to his bedroom, but after a make out session, Nick stops her. “I don’t think this is a good idea,” he tells her.

Corinne worries that her surprise visit may ruin her chance of getting a rose.

For his final one-on-one date, Nick takes Rachel to a local spot with no tourists. They have an intimate conversation, and she’s confident she’ll receive a rose.

In Lieu of a Rose Ceremony

Rather than break a woman’s heart in front of her competitors, Nick decides to break the news privately. Kristina is surprised when Nick shows up in her room and asks her to talk outside. “Right now, going into hometowns, I have such a love for you,” Nick says, “but right now I don’t feel like there’s the ‘in love.'” Kristina gives Nick a hug, but she’s clearly devastated.

Sneak Peek

On the next episode, Nick is confronted by someone from his past. He worries his time as the Bachelor will turn out to be a “huge mistake.”  Tune in next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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