Bachelor Nick Viall Is Called Out for His Excessive PDA, and More From Season 21

THE BACHELOR -“Episode 2103” - After Nick drops a bomb, sending Liz home, and comes clean to the rest of the women about his romantic tryst with her, he is anxious that some of them will decide to leave. There are those ladies who decide to give him a piece of their mind about the situation, but one bachelorette has some other outrageous plans for Nick. After the rose ceremony, three women are questioning why they were let go. In one of the most outrageous date-card deliveries ever, The Backstreet Boys pay a visit to the Bachelor Mansion, looking for the seven lucky bachelorettes that get their dream date. Nick takes one stunning woman on a date that is strictly out of this world - on a Zero G plane. An energized Nick invites seven ladies to join him and three celebrated Olympians - Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix and Michelle Carter - who will help train the women to compete in the “Nickathalon.” More surprises are in store for the remaining women, and Nick, who once again incurs the ire of his potential soul mates by his uber-sensual behavior, on “The Bachelor,” MONDAY, JANUARY 16 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Rick Rowell) BACKSTREET BOYS, WHITNEY, KRISTINA, DANIELLE L., NICK VIALL, TAYLOR, JASMINE G.

Bachelor Nick Viall is determined to find true love, and he’s breaking hearts in the process. On Monday, January 16, the 36-year-old heartthrob sent four more women packing during yet another emotional rose ceremony.

However, it wasn’t all tears and heartbreak at the Bachelor mansion; the episode featured the season 21 lead living it up on dates with his remaining ladies, including a performance with the Backstreet Boys. Here, The Knot recaps the standout moments from the jam-packed episode.

Coming Clean

After sending Liz home, Nick tells the women about his racy past with her. He encourages them to ask questions, explaining that he’s an open book.

While the ladies take turns spending one-on-one time with Nick, Corinne prepares to “turn on the sex charm” later that night. “I want to get even more romantic with Nick and explore each other sexually,” she says in the confessional.

When Nick meets Corinne outside, he’s surprised to find her wearing a sexy trench coat. She asks him to hand her a can of whipped cream, and sprays some on her chest. Nick has mixed emotions about the advance. “I like it a little bit… I like it a lot,” he admits in the confessional. “At the same time, I’m juggling trying to appreciate everything that is Corinne while being respectful to the other women in the house.” Corinne is disappointed when Nick turns her down.

Rose Ceremony Shenanigans

As the rose ceremony is about to begin, Nick realizes Corinne isn’t there. Since she has a date rose, Corinne chooses to go to bed rather than attend the ceremony.

Astrid, Taylor, Brittany, Whitney, Kristina, Danielle L., Rachel, Vanessa, Raven, Jaimi, Dominique, Sarah, Alexis, Josephine, and Jasmine receive roses. Hailey, Lacey, and Elizabeth are sent home.

A “Mind-Blowing” Group Date

Later, Bachelor host Chris Harrison arrives at the mansion to deliver the week’s first date card. Danielle L., Christen, Kristina, Whitney, Taylor, Jasmine, and Corinne are invited on a group date. The Backstreet Boys surprise the ladies by walking into the room and announcing they have a fun day planned.

When the women arrive at their date venue, Nick is rehearsing with the singers. The ladies join the guys after learning they’ll be dancing onstage that evening. Corinne breaks down and runs to the restroom when she realizes her competitors are better dancers than her.

After their performance that night, the Backstreet Boys choose Danielle L. to serenade. She dances onstage with Nick during an a cappella version of “I Want it That Way.”

 (ABC/Rick Rowell)

(ABC/Rick Rowell)

Corinne’s Apology

That night, Nick and his dates unwind with a drink. Corinne steals him away for one-on-one time. She apologizes for not being at the rose ceremony. Afterward, she falls asleep in the confessional. Her competitors are confused when she doesn’t return.

Danielle L. receives the date rose from Nick., and Vanessa learns she’ll be going on the next solo date, much to the disappointment of the other women.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Vanessa is nervous when Nick tells her they’re Going on a Zero G flight. They take to the sky, and their bodies float in the air. Nick loves learning what it would be like to be an astronaut. Vanessa is embarrassed when she throws up, but Nick stays by her side.

That night, Vanessa and Nick share a romantic meal on the roof of a skyscraper. After an intimate conversation, Nick offers her the date rose, which she accepts.

Playing the Field

Back at the mansion, Rachel, Alexis, Astrid, Jaimi, Sarah, Brittany, and Dominique receive an invitation to the next group date. “I’m done playing the field,” the date card teases.

The ladies meet Nick at a track, and Olympians Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix, and Michelle Carter join them. Carl explains that the women will be competing in a “Nickathalon.” Astrid wins the prize: hot tub time with Nick.

 (ABC/Rick Rowell)

(ABC/Rick Rowell)

Dominique is anxious and breaks down in tears that night, admitting to Nick that she doesn’t feel he’s given her a fair chance. She wants reassurance, but Nick is caught off guard. He explains that he has to follow his gut. “My heart is telling me no,” he tells her before sending her home.

After announcing Dominique’s departure to the remaining bachelorettes, Nick offers Rachel the date rose.

Later, Chris Harrison announces that there will be no cocktail party. Instead, Nick has requested a pool party. Corinne surprises him with a bouncy princess castle during the get-together. The other women are disappointed and upset when they see Nick and Corinne making out in the bouncy house. Afterward, several of the women call Nick out on his excessive PDA.

Sneak Peek

Corinne threatens to fight Taylor when she questions Corinne’s intentions with Nick.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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