Bachelor Nick Viall Goes on a Disastrous Group Date, Sends Six Women Home

Bachelor Nick ViallNick Viall Will Look for Love When ABC‘s ‘The Bachelor’ Returns in January 2017 for Its 21st Season. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Try to keep up! Things are changing quickly for Bachelor Nick Viall. On the February 6 episode, the season 21 lead faced several unexpected twists and sent six women home. The Knot recaps the highlights from the shocking episode.

The Comeback

After Nick chose Corinne over Taylor on last week’s two-on-one date, Taylor was devastated, and now she’s intent on telling Nick her truth.

As Nick and Corinne enjoy a romantic dinner for two, Taylor stuns them by walking into the room. Taylor points out Corinne’s lies earlier that day before asking Nick to talk privately outside.

“You were flat-out lied to today,” Taylor tells Nick. “You’ve been manipulated and lied to.”

Taylor goes on to explain that she’s not the bully Corinne made her out to be. She encourages Nick to open his eyes when it comes to Corinne. Nick acknowledges her concerns and admits that he has “things to figure out.” He gives Taylor a hug before returning to his date.

In the confessional, Nick explains that he sees a lot of potential in Corinne that he believes is “worth exploring.”

Cocktail Party Concerns

As the ladies arrive for the cocktail party, several express concern that they didn’t spend enough time with Nick. Corinne, Danielle M., and Rachel received roses on their dates, but the remaining nine women are filled with nerves.

The ladies’ concerns are valid, as Bachelor host Chris Harrison arrives to announce there will be no cocktail party that evening.

Let the Ceremony Begin!

Before handing out roses, Nick tells the women that he has spent time reflecting on his relationships with each of them. “I promised myself when this began that as soon as I knew where my heart was, that I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time,” he explains. “That’s why I decided to make the decision I did tonight.”

Kristina, Raven, and Vanessa receive the first three roses, followed by Danielle L., Jasmine, and Whitney. Nick says goodbye to Josephine, Jaimi, and Alexis.

Off to St. Thomas

Nick and his remaining bachelorettes jet off to St. Thomas. As soon as they arrive, Nick announces that he’ll be going on a one-on-one date with Kristina.

On their date, Kristina shares that she has a sister back in Russia. In the confessional, Nick says he hopes Kristina will continue to open up to him.

That night over dinner, Kristina reveals that she had a difficult childhood. Her mother kicked her out when she was only five or six years old, and she lived in an orphanage. When she was 12, she was adopted and moved to America.

Kristina and Nick both become emotional while Kristina is telling her story. At the end of the night, Nick gives her the date rose.

A Disastrous Group Date

Nick takes Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corinne, Danielle M., and Jasmine on a catamaran for the week’s group date. He’s hoping to have fun and play games when they arrive on Abi Beach.

After drinking shots, the women play a game of three-on-three volleyball while Nick keeps score. Several of the ladies tire of competing for Nick’s attention, and decide to quit the game.

Nick realizes his goal to have a fun day with the women has backfired. “It almost feels like a wasted day,” he says in the confessional. “Even worse, maybe a day that not only didn’t bring me closer to any of the women, but maybe brought us further apart.”

After a disastrous date, Nick is determined to steer things back on track. He toasts the women before meeting with them one-on-one.

As Jasmine continues to drink throughout the evening, she begins to unravel. She’s angry that she hasn’t been chosen for a one-on-one date with Nick, and she’s sure he’s overlooking her.

When Nick meets with Jasmine privately, she tells him she’s confused about their relationship, and she needs reassurance. Nick assures her that he notices her, and she becomes hysterical, telling Nick that she’d like to choke him. The moment is awkward, and Nick is clearly turned off by the admission. After their talk, Nick tells her it would be best to say goodbye.

Raven receives the date rose.

Another Heart Broken

Danielle L. is at “a loss for words” when she realizes she and Whitney will be joining Nick for a two-on-one date. But Nick is optimistic about his relationships with both women.

The trio fly to a gorgeous beach, and after alone time with each of the women, Nick sends Whitney home. She is heartbroken, as she’s sure Danielle L. isn’t ready for a relationship.

Nick is hopeful that his evening with Danielle L. will bring him clarity. Over a romantic dinner, Danielle L. reveals that she’s falling in love with him.

Nick realizes he doesn’t reciprocate Danielle L.’s feelings, and he ultimately sends her home. He begins to wonder if he wants to find true love so badly that he’s “trying too hard to make it work.”

After sending Danielle L. home, Nick visits the remaining women in their hotel suite. He begins to cry as he tells the ladies that he wants their relationships to feel “right and real,” and he doesn’t know if he can continue the Bachelor process.

Sneak Peek

Tension builds as Nick makes a decision, and Corinne will do whatever it takes to win his heart.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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