Bachelor Nick Viall’s Women Tell All: 5 Things We Learned From the Season 21 Contestants

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Bachelor Nick Viall‘s contestants held nothing back on the March 6 “Women Tell All” episode. Here, The Knot highlights what we learned from the action-packed ABC special.

Corinne Continues to Ruffle Feathers
Of all Nick’s contestants, Corinne has caused the most controversy this season. During the Tell-All episode, the women mentioned the quirks that drove them crazy, including Corinne’s frequent naps and her topless on-screen moments.

During an onstage throw down, Josephine and Elizabeth played devil’s advocate, and defended Corinne’s actions. They even confronted Taylor, the mental health counselor who accused Corinne of being “emotionally unintelligent.”

(Credit: ABC)

(Credit: ABC)

Nick Was a “Band-Aid” for Liz
When it was Liz‘s turn to speak to Bachelor host Chris Harrison, she revealed that Nick was a diversion for her when she slept with him after Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert‘s wedding. She explained that she signed-on to the show after realizing she was ready for a committed relationship.

Liz’s fellow contestants now have nothing but love for Liz. They referred to her as an “incredible, strong, solid woman.”

The Show Has Impacted Taylor’s Career
The tension between Taylor and Corinne was palpable on the Tell-All stage. Taylor was emotional while discussing the situation with Harrison. “The thing that I struggle with the most is the shaming of me being a counselor,” Taylor said. She explained that Corinne’s accusations have had a direct impact on her life and career, and asked Corinne for an apology, which Corinne vehemently refused.

Kristina Inspired Her Fellow Contestants… and People Around the World
Kristina‘s story of growing up in a Russian orphanage tugged at the heartstrings of her competitors. Many of the women realized what privileged lives they lead while watching Kristina’s heartbreaking tale on-screen.

Since the show has aired, Kristina has heard from orphans who lived with her in Russia. “I feel like your job isn’t done with all of this. I feel like you’re gonna change a lot,” Harrison told her.

Rachel is “Honored” to Be the Next Bachelorette
The crowd went wild when fan-favorite Rachel took the stage. When asked if it’s important to her that she’s the first black Bachelorette in the show’s 15-year run, Rachel responded: “It is a very big deal to me, and I feel very honored to be the person to represent an African-American woman in this position.”

(Credit: ABC)

(Credit: ABC)

The Bachelor finale airs Monday, March 13, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.



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