‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: Chris Harrison Asks One Participant to Leave Paradise

BACHELOR IN PARADISE - "Episode 301" - Looking for a second chance at love on the season premiere of the highly anticipated "Bachelor in Paradise," beginning TUESDAY, AUGUST 2 (8:00-10:00 p.m., EDT) on the ABC Television Network, the cast arrive one by one to their own private paradise in the gorgeous town of Sayulita, located in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. The cast comprised of former fan favorites and controversial characters from "The Bachelor" franchise live together along the shores of Paradise beach, share exotic dates, and explore new romances, all for another chance to find love. Each week, relationships will be put to the test as new contestants are introduced into the mix. At the end of each week, a rose ceremony will be held where uncoupled contestants will be cast out of Paradise! (ABC/Rick Rowell) SARAH HERRON, JARED HAIBON, GRANT KEMP, LACE MORRIS, NICK VIALL, DANIEL MAGUIRE, EMILY FERGUSON, HALEY FERGUSON, AMANDA STANTON, VINNY VENTIERA, ISABEL GOODKIND

These singles are ready to mingle! Bachelor in Paradise has returned for another dramatic round. The season three premiere kicked off on Tuesday, August 2 – and Bachelor Nation was met with two jam-packed hours of nothing but unbridled drama. The Knot is cluing viewers in on which singles are forming connections – and who just needs to go.

The Arrivals

Bachelor Nation’s beloved host, Chris Harrison, introduces the Bachelor in Paradise premise. He is ready to greet the hand-selected individuals who will make this season worth watching. He’s hoping that the deserving singles will be successful in searching for a second chance at love.

Amanda Stanton (from Ben’s season) adores being Mom to her two young daughters. She loves her life and is looking for “someone to share it with.” She’s the first to arrive at the Paradise location, but she won’t have to wait long to meet the rest of the crew.

When twins Emily and Haley Ferguson (from Ben’s season) arrive, they’re ready to have some fun. Despite their silly personalities, they want Bachelor Nation to know that they “know when to be mature,” and they’re “marriage material.”

Vinny Ventiera (from JoJo’s season) arrives laid back and ready for the adventure.

Nick Viall is hoping third time will be a charm after being heartbroken by two Bachelorettes (Andi and Kaitlyn). Right off the bat, he knows that he’d like to get to know Jubilee Sharpe (from Ben’s season) better.

Jubilee has seen the error of her ways since appearing on The Bachelor. She acknowledges the fact that she has “chronic resting bitch face,” but she’s learning to be “fun and easygoing.”

When Evan Bass makes his appearance, his fellow participants have preconceived notions. They all remember Evan as the erectile dysfunction specialist from JoJo’s season. Evan, however, is ready to change their perception. He wants to be viewed as “strong and successful.”

This Bachelor in Paradise season must have its villain and Chad Johnson (from JoJo’s season) aims to please. Evan is particularly bummed by Chad’s appearance, but he manages to keep it cordial.

Lace Morris (from Ben’s season) has her sights set on Mad Chad – but Grant Kemp (from JoJo’s season) is interested in getting to know her.

Daniel Maguire (from JoJo’s season) brings comic relief to the situation. He has very high standards, stating, “An eagle doesn’t settle for a pigeon.” He’s unimpressed by the choice of women until the twins arrive.

Izzy Goodkind (from Ben’s season) is immediately interested in Daniel, but when the two of them talk, it’s clear he doesn’t share Izzy’s feelings.

Also among the Bachelor in Paradise season 3 cast are Sarah Herron (from Sean’s season) and Carly Waddell (from Chris’ season). Jared Haibon (from Kaitlyn’s season) is in for a treat… Both Emily and Jubilee have plans to make a move on him.

First Impressions

Although some of the singles know each other, there are plenty of introductions. Daniel and Evan don’t see eye-to-eye from day one, and Carly makes it a point to talk about the other women.

Chad apologizes to Evan for his stunts on The Bachelorette, but Evan doesn’t take his apology to heart. “It felt fake,” Evan says in the confessional.

Grant thinks Lace is “a mess,” but he likes complicated women. Lace, however, feels an “instant connection” with Chad – who brought plenty of protein to the beach bash.

Jubilee is thrilled when Jared arrives. She’s hoping to get to know him.

Making Their Move

Chris Harrison explains that there will be rose ceremonies throughout the Bachelor in Paradise process. Anyone who is not in a relationship and doesn’t get a rose will leave. The men will be handing out the roses for week one. After that, the men and women will alternate.

Jubilee receives the first date card and nervously invites Jared on a date. He doesn’t hesitate to accept her invitation. Emily is jealous… Although Jubilee is her “best friend,” she’s also interested in Jared.

Jubilee and Jared’s date goes well. They are surrounded by pinatas as a way to “hit it off.” Just when they’re getting comfortable with one another, a clown interrupts their conversation about Lord of the Rings – and scares Jubilee half to death.

Izzy and Vinny get cozy and only seem to have eyes for each other.

Chad and Lace begin making out almost immediately. They attract attention when they start alternating between kissing and fighting. After locking lips for what seems like forever, Chad begins cursing at Lace – calling her names and being generally disrespectful with everyone. “I’ve had it with him,” Lace says. “He’s mean. I’m disappointed. On a scale of one to nine, I’m a nine disappointed.”

From Paradise to Hell

Chad’s temper is heating up by the moment. He walks around growling and threatens to murder everyone. Sarah confronts him for being aggressive and disrespectful, but he’s unwilling to take any blame. Izzy is blown away by how rude he can be about women. Evan and Daniel both attempt to talk to him, but Chad is a ticking time bomb. Plus, he’s drunk. Eventually, Chad passes out by the pool.

The next morning, Chad wakes up with no underwear on and realizes he had an “accident” the night before. No one wants to talk to him when he joins his fellow singles. Just as things are getting awkward, Chris Harrison asks everyone to join him in the rose palapa.

Chris calls Chad out for being disrespectful to the Bachelor in Paradise cast and crew, as well as the resort staff. “We all came here to be in paradise,” Chris says to Chad. “In a matter of one night, you have turned this into hell.”

Chris apologizes to everyone on Chad’s behalf. He then tells Chad that he must leave. Chad is shocked, but when reality sinks in, his surprise quickly turns to anger.

As Chris and security are escorting Chad out, he becomes irate, screaming, “I have nothing in my life.” He tells Chris to go back to his hotel room and drink mimosas in his bathrobe. Chad tells the Bachelor Nation host that he’s making him look bad.

Sneak Peek

On the next episode, “Hurricane Chad” hits harder than ever (literally)! Evan gets hurt in the midst of chaos, and Josh Murray joins the cast.

Don’t miss a minute of Bachelor in Paradise, airing Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

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