The Bachelorette’s Alex Reacts to Chad’s Threats: “I Saw Nothing In Him That Represented a Marine”

chad jojo alex bacheloretteBachelorette JoJo Fletcher had to make the difficult decision of choosing between season 12 villain, Chad, and another one of her suitors, Alex, during a two-on-one date on Tuesday, June 7.

Shaking his head. Bachelorette suitor Alex Woytkiw opened up to The Knot and other reporters on Wednesday, June 8, the morning after it was revealed that Season 12 villain, Chad Johnson, was eliminated from the series following a disastrous two-on-one-date with JoJo Fletcher.

Alex, a U.S. Marine who’s been very vocal about his disdain for his housemate, said he grappled with the fact that he and Chad came from such similar backgrounds. “That was really difficult for me,” he says. “There’s this unspoken law, this common law [among marines]: ‘You don’t need to earn my respect. You don’t even have to earn my respect, man. You’re my brother.’”

Unfortunately, Chad fell wildly short of these expectations. “I saw nothing in him that represented a marine,” Alex says. “I saw no personality traits that made me feel confident and it was a conflict because [of] all the stuff that was being said and all the stuff happening. I wanted to tell him all that stuff and be like, ‘Dude, why are you acting like this?’”

During the episode on Tuesday, June 7, Alex revealed that he prematurely thought he and Chad would bond over their backgrounds. As viewers have witnessed, their relationship — along with Chad’s interaction with the others in the mansion — have been nothing but tense. “I did think we would’ve been good friends,” Alex says. “Today, if I run into a marine, I know he’s got my back. I didn’t feel that at all with him.”

Chad, 28, is no longer a marine and currently classifies himself as a luxury real estate agent. The other servicemen in the house, including war veteran Luke Pell and firefighter Grant Kemp, also were seen toasting to Chad’s semi-elimination in the final moments of Episode 4. “The thing is you got guy like Grant, who’s a great guy,” says Alex. “You just shake these people’s hands and you know that they’re warm happy people. All of us share that camaraderie.”

Though those three never openly discussed Chad’s background as a marine, Alex believes they shared similar sentiments. “I couldn’t believe that he was in the military,” Alex says of Chad. “I think everyone felt the same way… “

JoJo finally decided to let Chad go after Alex informed her of his threats of violence against guys in the house — including Jordan Rodgers. As seen in the final moments of Tuesday’s episode, the Bachelorette’s decision did not sit well with her latest rejection. “I would say Chad is a chihuahua. He likes to bark,” Alex tells reporters. “So I’m not concerned for myself or any other guy in the house of any of the threats he made because he was a talker. And I think the show shows that. He never did anything physical, because he wasn’t going to do anything physical. He just liked to threaten people.”

According to Alex, Chad is genuinely not a nice person. “I think Chad was 100 percent being himself,” he muses. “The villain being came to life because it came naturally for him … It shouldn’t be a question if you’re a good guy. Every guy in the house should be good and JoJo should pick the right guy for her … To the core, who he was, was never a good guy to anyone.”

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