‘Bachelorette’ Villain Chad Johnson Defends Himself to Jimmy Kimmel After Exit

Missed that face! Chad Johnson, the Season 12 villain of The Bachelorette, graced TV screens across America once again on Monday, June 20, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Following his elimination, the titular character opened up to Kimmel about his memorable departure and his continual conquest for love — just not with JoJo Fletcher. Chad’s exit from the show followed a dramatic two-on-one date that pitted him against U.S. Marine Alex Woytkiw.

JoJo and Alex left Chad in the woods, but somehow, the villain still made his way back to the place, where the other suitors were celebrating his exit. Now that Chad — and six other newly-eliminated suitors — are free to speak, he decided to make his first stop on Kimmel.

The luxury real estate mogul called in with a guest — his dog Pumpkin — and discussed the process of  watching himself on the series. Chad said he only watched himself on the show within the last week and was mildly shocked by his portrayal. He also was in the dark about the public’s reaction to his appearances since he only recently caught up on an episode.

“I started to kind of realize when I watched the last one like, ‘Oh! That’s why people are saying the things online that they’re saying,’” Chad told Kimmel. “It makes a little sense now.”

But he didn’t need to watch the show in order to know what he did… he lived it! As Jimmy poked fun by asking Chad if he couldn’t remember his actions on the show, Chad kept it cool. “When you’re in the moment you say things, you do things,” he explained. “My thing is, sometimes I’ll say things in order to get the result that I want, and it’s not always the best thing.”

chad jojo alex bachelorette

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher had to make the difficult decision of choosing between season 12 villain, Chad, and another one of her suitors, Alex, during a two-on-one date on Tuesday, June 7.

Kimmel, though, continued to ask him uncomfortable (albeit, hilarious!) questions. “Are you as hateable in real life as you are on the show?” the ABC late-night host asked his guest at one point. Kimmel also showed him the clip of the remaining Bachelorette suitors celebrating after Alex walks back into the house, indicating Chad’s official elimination! The men raised Alex up on their shoulders like an MVP of the World Series and cheered Chad’s departure with sparklers, cake, and endless celebration.

“Does that hurt your feelings? Does that surprise you?” Kimmel pressed.

“Honestly I kind of expected it. It’s pretty hilarious though,” Chad replied with a hearty laugh. In fact, he still seems to blame Alex and the rest of the gang for his departure. “I mean, I get it. You took me out. Good job. You sabotaged me, bro,” he added.

After some heavy convo, Jimmy wanted to lighten Chad’s spirits, bringing up his thoughts about his friend on the show and the one guy who didn’t partake in his going away party, his fellow contestant Daniel. Chad said his friendship with Daniel has continued since they left, and he “messages him everyday.”

Chad is at the forefront of drama in the two-part The Bachelorette special, and Chris Harrison is forced to take matters into his own hands. (ABC / Rick Rowell)

Chad is at the forefront of drama in the two-part The Bachelorette special, and Chris Harrison is forced to take matters into his own hands. (ABC / Rick Rowell)

“It’s great to talk to the guy,” he told Jimmy, who joked, “So you did find love in a way,” to which Chad rolled his eyes, “a friendship.”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Chad laughed. At least the Bachelorette villain didn’t end up completely empty handed?

Watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip above and tune in to see how The Bachelorette continues without Chad’s mad presence on Monday, June 27, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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