Bachelorette Suitor Christian Bishop Opens Up About His Elimination, Chad: “It Was Rough”

bachelorette christian bishop jojoBachelorette suitor Christian Bishop opens up exclusively to The Knot about his elimination, JoJo Fletcher and Chad Johnson. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

Man Tells All. Bachelorette Season 12 suitor Christian Bishop, who was eliminated from the beloved reality series on Monday, June 6, opened up exclusively to The Knot about his exit on Wednesday, June 8.

Bishop hopped on to do a Facebook Live video from the West Coast, and opened up to our NYC-based editors about JoJo Fletcher, villain Chad Johnson and more.

“It just happens so fast,” he said of his elimination. “It shocks you. We all individually think we’re doing great and building chemistry, and we’re completely oblivious to everyone else’s relationship. It’s really different … It was rough for personal reasons, you know, I felt like I wanted more opportunity to spend time with her to get to know one another.”

Christian, along with two other hopefuls, did not receive a rose during Tuesday’s rose ceremony. He still has a great deal of respect for JoJo. “At the end of the day she has to do what’s best for her and I need to support that,” he told The Knot. “I went into the process kind of with this understanding, saying: ‘You know what? This is Joelle’s show. This is her process. This is her journey. She’s the captain of this ship.’”

He added: “The great thing about her is she’s so genuine and open about the process, she was so comforting for us. She was an open book.”

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The L.A.-based fitness guru and fellow suitors Ali Zahiri and Nick “Santa” Benvenutti were all eliminated on Monday, and according to Christian, their final moments together at the mansion were “surreal.” Christian and the others followed Bachelorette protocol and exited the premises immediately — unlike Chad. “I’m glad I got to say my goodbye, but the guys just vanish. You’re gone.”

The last remaining rose on Tuesday night went to mad Chad — and yes, that shocked everyone. “I’m thinking she’s going to send Chad home before the rose ceremony every single day,” Christian told The Knot. Because I’m like, ‘She’s gonna see that this guy is out of his mind.’ But that didn’t happen.”

However, Christian now sees why JoJo kept the season villain around for so long. “Watching it with you guys was the first time I got to see this too,” he said. Producers, however, nailed the essence of Chad on the show. “I think they gave you guys a good glimpse of what we dealt with,” he mused. “It was pretty rough.”

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THE BACHELORETTE – “Episode 1202” – Twenty anxious men look to get their love story with JoJo off to a good start. The the first group date give ten lucky bachelors a chance to see sparks fly when they head for a firefighting training facility, where one of the guys might need saving himself. JoJo and Derek get to pick their own adventure, and they choose a romantic picnic by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Six bachelors get a dream date to ESPN’s popular “SportsNation” with hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley. They are sure they will be able to help JoJo find a perfect match, but Chad seems determined to “shock and awe” all the way up to the rose ceremony, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, MAY 30 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

Christian had a standout moment in the season premiere; producers offered him a featured introduction, detailing his family history and work ethic. “Coming of my motorcycle [in the first episode] … I don’t think I’ve smiled that big in my life.”

He does, however, wish that more of his moments with JoJo were surfaced on the show. “It would have been cool for you to see me and Joelle and our interaction. There’s so many guys and so much going on,” Christian told The Knot. “That first night was so intense … I had to do something different to make her laugh and relax a little bit.”

Now that he’s open, is Christian still looking for love? The telecom consultant confirmed to The Knot that he is, in fact, single and looking for an equally-ambitious partner. “I kind of consider myself to be kind of a chameleon,” he said, explaining his ability to connect with others and adapt to different situations. Along with that quality, he’s also looking for someone who’s humble and compassionate.

And despite the rejection, he’s rooting for JoJo to find true love. “I’m completely non-biased” Christian concluded. “I want it to genuinely work for her, and I want things to go well, and I want for us all to enjoy the process.”

Watch our Facebook Live with Christian above, and tune in to The Bachelorette on Mondays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

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