Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Open Up About Their Initial Engagement Issues

THE BACHELORETTE - "After the Final Rose"- Emotions run high as JoJo sits down with Chris Harrison, live, to talk about her two final bachelors from this season - Jordan and Robby. She takes viewers back to those final days in exotic Phuket, Thailand, when she needed to make her life-changing decision. Both men return to sit with JoJo and discuss the shocking outcome of the show and their relationships. It's the unpredictable ending to JoJo's adventure to find true love on "The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose," MONDAY, AUGUST 1 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT). (ABC/Rick Rowell) JOJO FLETCHER, JORDAN RODGERS

It’s difficult to imagine “Jordan” without “JoJo,” but it almost was a reality for the Bachelorette couple after JoJo Fletcher’s season of the franchise came to a close in 2016.

After Jordan Rodgers proposed, the newly-engaged pair moved in together and grappled with navigating the public eye though they were supposed to enjoy their engagement at the time.

“When the cameras shut off and the season ended, that’s when it got real for us,” Fletcher admitted in her new web series, Engaged With JoJo and Jordan. “I don’t think the real difficulties began until after the final rose… That’s when things really blew up for us, and we didn’t know how to prepare for that.”

In fact, Rodgers immediately faced backlash for still supposedly having an active dating profile on Raya amidst other reports about his supposed cheating. Naturally, this caused strain in their engagement and it ultimately resulted in a confrontation. The timing, however, was already intense. The two were packing up his home in Nashville and moving to Dallas, when they suddenly addressed the big lingering issue.

“It ended up being a fight,” SEC Analyst Rodgers recalled. “A huge fight.” Not just that; In his words, “a blowout fight.”

“That was the most trying time for our relationship,” Rodgers asked. “Very honestly, [we asked], ’Are we doing the right thing?’”

The strife came down to their communication styles because of lingering fear. Fletcher noted that when their relationship was good, it was great, but the lows were tremendously burdensome.

“We didn’t know how to communicate with each other, and our feelings are both getting hurt,” he said. “There are tabloids about me, so I’m getting defensive and hurt. And then I’m like, ‘Why are you believing that?’ We’re just getting to know each other, so a lot of times, unfortunately, I think we kind of held in those feelings. And that was terrible.”

They couldn’t even behave like normal couples in certain moments. “We were so scared to have those moments in public,” they recalled. “So it was about a year into our relationship that we turned a corner.”

Finally, they had to hear each other out. “You’re probably wondering how we got through that year?” Fletcher recalled. “It wasn’t a resentful moment. We were both just sad. I have this very vivid memory of us getting into an argument and getting into my car and driving around my neighborhood. I remember starting to cry while I was in the car, thinking ‘I want to be able to pick up my phone and call my best friend and just talk to her.’”

“Not having your family, not having your friends, and feeling like you don’t have each other? You feel so alone,” she said. It prompted her to return home to Rodgers and say one thing: “‘I feel alone right now and I need you and I need us,’” she said. “ Not having anyone brought me back to you. I’m glad we got through it, but it was hard.”

The two determined, since then, to move forward and to commit fully to each other. “We want this and we want to work at it,” Rodgers revealed. “Relationships from the Bachelor and the Bachelorette are quick and there’s a facade to them.”

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