The Bachelorette’s ‘Men Tell All’ Highlights: Chad Returns, Chase and Luke Confront JoJo

Bachelorette season 12 men tell all(ABC/Byron Cohen)

These boys held nothing back! JoJo Fletcher’s final two suitors, Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes, were revealed on Monday, July 25, but the season 12 lead wasn’t spared from another basic Bachelorette duty: Facing all of the men she sent home during Tuesday’s Men Tell All special.

Before JoJo’s final decision is revealed next Monday, August 1, she gave some degree of closure to her other top picks — Chase McNary, Luke Pell and James Taylor — and shared her true thoughts about villain Chad Johnson. Here, The Knot recaps the highlights from Men Tell All.

The Men Make Their Comeback

Bachelorette host Chris Harrison introduced the scorned suitors, but had Chad Johnson wait backstage to make his grand entrance. A highlight reel of Chad’s most shocking Bachelorette moments first reminded the men about why they loathed him so much during the filming process. Several men called Alex out for focusing on Chad when he should have been pursuing JoJo.

Evan – the erectile dysfunction specialist – suggested that Chad came to the mansion after taking steroids. “His hormones [were] freaking out and everything [was] going off in his body,” the medical professional speculated. “And it made him highly emotional.”

“He is episodes of Cops waiting to happen,” Derek added.

Mad Chad Returns… Whistling

The on-stage suitors were anxious as Chad approached the stage. He arrived wearing all-black and greeted Chris Harrison before taking a seat. There was plenty of security on standby.

Viewers – and suitors – were then reminded of even more of Chad’s most memorable moments, including the two-on-one date where The Bachelorette was forced to send him home.

Chad Johnson Men Tell All

(ABC/Byron Cohen)

Chad was quick to defend himself – describing his competitors as “fake.” He revealed that he still believes he was the only genuine suitor there. In one shocking moment, Chad admitted to dating Robby‘s ex-girlfriend, Hope, and Grant‘s ex-girlfriend, Jen, since JoJo sent him home. He then accused both Grant and Robby of ending their relationships to be eligible for the show.

He maintains that he dated those women to prove that all of the men on the show aren’t “bad.” Nick B. stood up to defend himself. When Chad asks him to fight, Nick B. fires back… “Anytime, any place, whatever.”

Chad also appeared to have insider info on several of his fellow suitors. He claimed that Robby has been threatening his ex-girlfriend – telling her not to talk to the press, or he’ll “come get [her].”

When asked if he has any regrets, Chad had zero hesitation in his response. “Honestly, I don’t regret 99 percent of the things that happened,” he said.

Wells then told Chad he hopes he will go on Bachelor in Paradise and take the opportunity to change the nation’s perception of him. Chad thanked him with plenty of sarcasm.

From Bad Guy to Sad Guy

Luke looked heartbroken after watching a highlight video of the time he spent with JoJo, and said he wished he’d expressed his love for JoJo “more directly” and “earlier.”

“I was absolutely in love with her, and I still love her,” he said. When asked why he held back, Luke replied, “I’m a hopeless romantic in a sense, and there’s this once in a lifetime experience, and I’m looking for a once in a lifetime moment… I didn’t seize that moment when I should have.”


(ABC/Byron Cohen)

Luke shared that he’s at a place where he’s “happy and ready and optimistic about what the future might hold.” He also confided that he was nervous to see JoJo for the first time since their relationship ended.

Another Sad Suitor

Chase then made his way to the stage to chat with Chris Harrison. After watching a compilation of his time with JoJo, he said he was ready to talk about the experience.


(ABC/Byron Cohen)

“I think that phrase, ‘I love you,’ carries a lot of burden… a lot of expectation,” Chase divulged. He couldn’t fathom why JoJo would invite him to the fantasy suite just to send him home.

JoJo Joins the Conversation

Surrounded by her ex-boyfriends, JoJo said the emotions were still very raw. Prior to The Bachelorette, she was never one to initiate a split.

JoJo described sending Luke home as “terrible and heartbreaking.” While she needed “words of affirmation” from him, it was in her gut instinct and let him go. Luke told JoJo he appreciated her honesty and that he wanted her to be happy.

Chase then took his turn to ask JoJo why she gave him the card to the fantasy suite. She assured him she was crazy about him, but was overcome by anxiety when Chase told her he loved her. She explained that she didn’t have clarity prior to the date– and grappled with guilt.

“Don’t feel guilty,” Chase responded. “It hurt me, but most of all you taught me a lot. I thank you for that.”

James Taylor finally took to the stage to tell JoJo she was the complete package.

Somehow, Chad again entered the frame and told JoJo that Robby broke up with his girlfriend “days before the show” to join The Bachelorette. He wished her the best of luck, but JoJo responded to Chad’s comments with a deep disgust.

“I could go off right now,” JoJo told viewers and Chris Harrison. “It’s not even worth my time. He loves this. This is what he wants. He loves the attention, so he’s not even worth my breath.” The men stand up and cheer, and for once Chad is speechless.

She thanked all of the men (with the exception of Chad) for treating her with respect.

Sneak Peek

JoJo is torn. “When I’m with Robby, I think of Jordan, and when I’m with Jordan, I think of Robby,” she says in the confessional. Who will she choose?

Find out on the season 12 finale of The Bachelorette, airing Monday, August 1, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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