Bachelorette Party Crashes Late-Night Olympics Coverage in Rio: Watch the Video

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Hen party in progress! Viewers tuning in to BBC’s Summer Olympics coverage on Saturday, August 13, were in for a surprise when a bride-to-be and her rowdy entourage got the attention of BBC Sport broadcaster, Dan Walker.

As the parade of partying ladies – which Walker dubbed a “Brazilian hen party” – made their way down a a path near Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach, the BBC Four host asked the bride-to-be, Maria De Cezar, to join him on-camera.

Donning a white t-shirt and veil and carrying a small bouquet of flowers, the rambunctious bachelorette sat down with Walker and took the opportunity to profess her undying love to her soon-to-be husband who she will marry September 17.

In the YouTube video – which has now gone viral – the future bride’s friends chant her name. But the moment De Cezar encourages viewers to “watch BBC,” her entourage begins chanting the name of the British broadcasting corporation. Walker attempts to compose himself as the soon-to-be bride takes over the broadcast.

“This is lovely,” the adaptable sports host tells viewers as the women continue to chant. “That was a bit special, wasn’t it?” he asks as De Cezar walks away.

But the Saturday night shenanigans between De Cezar and Walker wouldn’t be the last time they’d connect. On Sunday, the bachelorette joined Twitter at the request of her now-favorite broadcaster. Walker made the announcement after she had started her new account. “Update on Rio hen party… prepare yourselves… MARIA HAS JOINED TWITTER just to say hello to you all @mariadecezar,” the television host posted. In a second update, Walker announced that the bride-to-be’s mother had gotten involved.

“I’m the mother of the bride,” she posted. “Very proud and happy! Come to the party, Dan! God save the queen!!!!”

It seems the future bride may have made a friend for life. Walker proudly tweeted stating that their friendship had advanced to the next level. “Guess what?” he asked in the pinned tweet. Hen party Maria (De Cezar) has been in touch today… got an invite to the wedding!”



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