Bachelorette Preview: JoJo Fletcher Dares Robby to Strip Down to His Underwear

The Bachelorette's Jojo FletcherMeet JoJo Fletcher's 26 suitors on season 12 of The Bachelorette. Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Whatever it takes to win her heart. Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher has narrowed it down to six devoted suitors. Robby, Jordan, Luke, Chase, James Taylor, and Alex are willing to do just about anything to stay in the running for the final rose.

On the upcoming Bachelorette episode, JoJo challenges three of her remaining men to a game of truth or dare. Watch the preview below to find out what’s in store on the Monday, July 11 episode.

In the preview clip, Robby opts to take JoJo up on a dare – but he appears to have second thoughts when she insists he strip down to his underwear and run through the halls of their hotel while his opponents, Chase and James Taylor, observe the impromptu streak.

“I really do love a good game of truth or dare,” JoJo shares with Bachelorette viewers, “especially when it involves Robby stripping down to his undies.”

With some encouragement from JoJo, Robby sheds his clothes and runs through the hall of the hotel, knocking on doors as JoJo, Chase, and James Taylor cheer him on. At his competitors’ insistence, Robby pulls down his boxer briefs to expose his naked tush.

After his streak, Robby admits that the dare was uncomfortable for him. Although Chase and James Taylor encouraged their competitor, there’s no doubt the strip tease was awkward for everyone involved.

“My grandma is gonna hate to see this,” Robby shares in the confessional. “I apologize, Mamaw, but it’s all in the pursuit of love.”

There’s no doubt that JoJo’s suitors will go to great lengths to make an impression. Will Robby’s striptease win The Bachelorette over – or will a game of truth or dare ruin his chance at finding true love with JoJo?

Don’t miss The Bachelorette, airing Monday, July 11, on ABC.



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