Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher Sobs After Sending One of Her Final Four Suitors Home: “I Already Miss Him”

Jojo fletcher bacheloretteBachelorette JoJo Fletcher sobs after sending one of her final four suitors home. Watch a new preview of the Monday, July 25, episode. (ABC/Veronica Gambini)

One heartache after another. JoJo Fletcher may not have realized just how emotional her turn as The Bachelorette would be.

In a new preview of the Monday, July 25 episode, the season 12 lead breaks down in tears (once again) after sending one of her final four suitors home.

A new sneak peek from ABC shows the aftermath after JoJo sends one of the remaining four — Luke, Robby, Jordan or Chase — home following hometown dates.

Before last week’s cliffhanger, she was certain Luke was the suitor she would send packing. Just as she was about to hand out the first of three roses, Luke stole her away and admitted that he was in love with her. JoJo’s short-lived certainty turned into utter confusion. Unable to make a decision, she totally broke down at the airport hangar.

Judging by the preview, JoJo eventually made her choice — but some form of regret still lingered even after his car left the premises.

“I just did not know what this was gonna feel like,” she sobs in the Bachelorette preview.

“And he just thought I knew. Like, what if that was a mistake?” she asks as she’s pacing. “That scares me.”

As JoJo attempts to calm down, she is hit with a new wave of emotion. “I miss him,” she cries. “I miss him already.”

Find out which suitor’s departure has JoJo in tears before she jets off to Thailand with her top three contenders in the preview above. And tune in to the latest episode of The Bachelorette, airing Monday, July 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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