Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Reveals What Happened After Bryan Abasolo Proposed in Spain

THE BACHELORETTE Rachel Lindsay and fiancé Brian AbasoloTHE BACHELORETTE Rachel Lindsay and fiancé Brian Abasolo, Tuesday, August 8, 2017. (ABC/ Heidi Gutman) RACHEL LINDSAY, BRIAN ABASOLO

If this isn’t just the cutest! Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay has been head over heels about Bryan Abasolo since he was revealed as her fiance in the season 13 finale last month, but she couldn’t resist from getting nostalgic in a recent post. The Dallas-based lawyer posted a never-before-seen photo that revealed the couple the day after Abasolo proposed in Spain.

“#TBT to one of my fav pics of us, the morning after the proposal,” Lindsay, 32, captioned the snapshot. “We celebrated and stayed up all night talking // crying about the excitement we had about spending the rest of our lives together. I held Bryan in my lap like this all the way from Rioja to Madrid.”

In the photo, Abasolo, the winner of Lindsay’s season (and heart), is curled up sweetly with his head resting peacefully on his new fiancee’s lap in the back of a car as she looks on.

The pair’s quiet moment preceded what would be a whirlwind of media attention and public appearances and wedding preparations. (The photogenic duo celebrated their engagement with close family and friends last month). Not that the couple hasn’t been carving out some one-on-one quality time too. In recent posts to Instagram, Lindsay shared pictures of the pair at New York Fashion Week and staying fit by hitting the gym together.

“He constantly motivates me to be the best version of me. So blessed to have a life partner that always pushes me to strive in everything I do (especially those workouts that I really don’t want to do sometimes),” she captioned an intense shot of the pair showing off their fit figures.

“I’m just trying to keep up with him 👀. He’s my workout plan. Shout out to @d.robfitness for getting us right today!” she captioned another.

Last month, Lindsay told The Knot, “I never had the dream wedding plans. I just wanted to find my dream guy, which I’ve done.”