Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Questions Her Relationship With One Suitor During Fantasy Suite Date

Bachelorette Rachel LindsayRachel Lindsay is changing things up as she embarks on the final leg of her Bachelorette journey. (ABC/Josh Vertucci) RACHEL LINDSAY

Rachel Lindsay is changing things up as she embarks on the final leg of her Bachelorette journey. On the July 24 episode, the Dallas native introduced her family to her final three suitors in her hometown before jetting off to Spain for fantasy suite dates. Here, The Knot highlights the “game changing” moments from the latest episode.

The Suitors Meet the Fam
When Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger and Bryan Abasolo arrive in Dallas, Rachel reveals that she’s changed up the order of the family meetings and the fantasy suite dates due to her sister’s pregnancy. Previous Bachelorettes’ families have weighed in on the final two suitors after the overnight dates, but Rachel’s sibling is unable to travel to Spain.

First Impressions
Peter is first to meet Rachel’s loved ones. He makes a good first impression, but he reveals that he’s not quite ready to ask for her mother’s blessing to marry Rachel.

Eric, however, asks for Rachel’s mom for permission to propose, which she immediately grants.

Rachel’s sister is concerned when the family meets Bryan. “[He’s] a charmer,” she says in the confessional. “He’s direct and he’s open but I don’t think there’s the sincerity factor, so my guard was up.”

Rachel is frustrated with her family for inundating Bryan with probing questions about his rapidly growing feelings. “You have to understand, you are in a bubble,” Rachel’s mom tells her. “We have to get clarity.”

Later, Rachel tells her mother that she’s falling in love with Bryan despite her reservations about his charming nature. “I’m really uncomfortable with the word love at this point,” her mom says. Although she gives Bryan permission to propose, she openly admits that she’s hesitant.


(ABC/Rodrigo Varela)

Finding Clarity in Spain
When Rachel arrives in Spain, she takes Eric on a romantic helicopter ride, and Eric professes his love. After spending the night in the fantasy suite, Rachel shares that their relationship has progressed to a deeper level.


(ABC/Randy Sager)

Next, Rachel and Peter tour a Spanish vineyard. Rachel is concerned when Peter admits that he’s not ready to propose. “My belief is that engagement is marriage,” Peter explains. “I want to be truly certain that this is the person for me at that time and for the rest of my life.”


(ABC/George Burns)

Rachel disagrees with Peter’s views. “The best word that I can use to describe what Peter just said to me is ‘devastating,’ Rachel says in an emotional confessional interview. “It’s absolutely devastating.”

Fantasy suite dates continue on the next Bachelorette, airing Monday, July 31, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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