Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher Sends a Suitor Home During Fantasy Suite Date: Recap

And then there were two. JoJo Fletcher has managed to narrow the field of 26 eligible bachelors to a duo of top contenders. In just days, America’s most beloved Bachelorette could be planning her dream wedding.

But JoJo’s heart seems to break a little more each time she sends a suitor home – and the Monday, July 25 episode was no exception. Now, The Knot rehashes every emotional moment as JoJo continues the roller coaster ride that comes with her Bachelorette title.

Three Roses, Four Suitors

After last week’s breakdown, JoJo is forced to make a choice as to which suitor will be going home. Luke, Jordan, Robby, and Chase nervously wait as she contemplates her decision.

First, JoJo offers Jordan a rose, followed by Robby. Luke is visibly shocked and upset when she gives Chase her final rose.

“We’ll never know what we could’ve had, and that’s what really sucks for me,” Luke tells JoJo as he’s about to leave. JoJo explains that she was unaware of Luke’s feelings for her.

Luke’s last words to JoJo are, “I’m sorry,” before he leaves in the limo. JoJo sobs, missing Luke as soon as he pulls away.

Off to Thailand

The best cure for heartache may be an exotic vacation for JoJo. She brings her three remaining suitors to Hua Hin, Thailand, hoping to find clarity there. Overnight dates are fast-approaching for the season 12 Bachelorette.


JoJo gets acquainted with Thailand by joining Robby for a date. They meet at a market, have foot massages side-by-side, and enjoy a romantic day in the rain.

JoJo reminisces about her time with Bachelor Ben Higgins over dinner with Robby that evening. She explains that she told Ben she loved him on their overnight date last season.

Robby attempts to ease JoJo’s mind by telling her he loves her. He also shares a thoughtful letter he received from his father. His dad could see Robby’s love for JoJo on the couple’s one-on-one date. Robby asked JoJo to keep the letter as a reminder of his feelings for her.

When Robby was given the option to spend the night with JoJo, there was no hesitation. JoJo admits to Bachelorette viewers that she loves Robby and she’s ready to be intimate with him. She cries in the confessional as she shares that she’s always wanted her own love story, and she’s finding that with Robby.

The next morning, JoJo wakes up happy and fresh-faced, admitting she is in love. She shares that she wanted to tell Robby she loved him during their time together, but she knows it’s best to wait.

“I’m in trouble. I am in trouble. I have three guys that I’m like goo goo ga ga over right now,” JoJo says in the confessional after leaving Robby’s side. “I’m just really hoping that, at the end of this week, I have much more clarity.”


JoJo enjoys a change of scenery on the beach with Jordan. She has planned a challenging hike in Thailand that wears The Bacehelorette out quickly.

They enter a cave that leads to a temple where they’re not allowed to kiss. JoJo has difficulty not being physical with Jordan, but she’s thankful they have a chance to connect on an emotional level.

Jordan is curious as to how JoJo’s parents will react when they meet him. His only reservation is that he would like JoJo’s father to be able to look into his eyes and know that Jordan will protect her.

JoJo fears that Jordan may be “too good to be true.” She is hoping he’s ready for a longterm relationship and not just a rendezvous.

Over dinner, JoJo opens-up about her insecurities. She’s afraid of having her heart broken. She wants to know how Jordan knows he’s in love with her.

“I have a feeling when I’m with you that I’ve never had before,” Jordan tells her. “I’m a different person now than I was when I thought I was in love. I really, truly think that I”m a better person with you.”

JoJo is reassured by Jordan’s words and is happy with his answers. She hands him the invitation to the fantasy suite, which he quickly accepts. JoJo is comforted knowing that she and Jordan love each other – even if he doesn’t know it yet.

The next morning, Jordan is confident about his relationship with JoJo. “We took a big step last night in a really exciting direction,” he shares in the confessional.

JoJo describes waking up with Jordan as “perfect,” but she’s confused after realizing she’s falling in love with two men.


Chase arrives on a scooter to meet JoJo for their date. They have fun at a fish market, enjoy snuggling on a boat, and spot a monkey together.

JoJo goes back to her suite before a night out with Chase. Robby stops by to visit, telling her he can’t stop thinking about her. JoJo is happy to see her surprise visitor, but she’s keenly aware that soon she’ll have to make a life-changing decision.

Over dinner, Chase tells JoJo he wants a future with her. He wants to be the man she deserves. When he opens the invitation to the fantasy suite, he’s excited at the thought of spending more time with JoJo.

“I’m 100 percent in love with you,” Chase tells JoJo in their suite. She thanks him, but in the confessional, she admits that she doesn’t feel the way she thought she would when Chase told her he loved her.

JoJo takes a moment to herself to process her feelings. She’s emotional when she realizes that her relationship with Chase “isn’t where it needs to be.”

JoJo returns to the suite to tell Chase her feelings don’t match his. He’s shocked and angry, but JoJo explains she didn’t want to blindside him.

Chase is sarcastic as he leaves the fantasy suite and opens a can of beer. “All because I said, ‘I love you.’ I should’ve never said that. Why did I do that? I’m embarrassed… and I’m heartbroken,” he admits after leaving.

The Last Rose Ceremony

JoJo arrives for the rose ceremony feeling confident about her decision. Robby and Jordan have no idea that JoJo sent Chase home.

Just as JoJo is telling her final two suitors that Chase won’t be joining them, Chase himself shows up and asks JoJo to talk privately.

Chase explains that he’s not there for a second chance. He wants JoJo to know he admires and respects her, and he’s not angry with her. JoJo is thankful he came back to share his feelings with her.

Jordan and Robby accept JoJo’s roses with no hesitation. They are both confident and secure in their relationships with JoJo, which scares her.

Finale Sneak Peek: Next week, JoJo’s suitors will finally meet her family. Then she’ll offer her final rose to one of her final two suitors. Will there be an engagement?

Tune in to the highly-anticipated Men Tell All episode, airing Tuesday, July 26, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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