‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: JoJo Fletcher Sobs After Reading Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Hurtful Interview

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher CriesBachelorette JoJo Fletcher sobs on the Monday, June 20, episode of the series -- and it's all due to a Chad. (Courtesy of ABC)

Chads aren’t exactly having the finest moment. Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher sent Chad Johnson packing several weeks ago, but somehow, the Season 12 villain lurked his way back to the house in the opening scene of Monday’s long-awaited episode.

Here, The Knot recaps the craziest moments from the June 20, show, including the return of two Chads, JoJo’s eventual meltdown and the departure of a handful of solid suitors.

Chad’s Comeback

Just as JoJo’s suitors are celebrating Chad’s exit — with a ceremonial toss of his protein powder in the air (like ashes!) — the luxury real estate agent appears at the door of the home. He enters the mansion and tells his former housemates that JoJo thinks he’s “too intense.” He refuses to apologize and says the other men attacked him throughout their time together.

A “Cut Throat” Rose Ceremony

When JoJo arrives for the cocktail party, her suitors instantly go gaga for her. Some men are more up front about spending time alone with the Dallas beauty. JoJo has seven romantic moments with seven different men, but perhaps the most memorable five minutes of the evening are spent with Jordan. Although he already has a rose, the former pro quarterback steals JoJo away. He thrusts her against a wall for a passionate kiss with his fellow suitors on the other side.

At the rose ceremony, The Bachelorette whittles it down to eleven deserving men. James F. takes it fairly well when JoJo sends him home, but Daniel is visibly shaken.

JoJo announces that she’ll be taking her remaining suitors international to Punta del Este, Uruguay.

One-on-One Date: Living the High Life

JoJo takes Jordan on a yacht for a one-on-one, and his fellow competitors are not happy. The others who stay back sit together at the home and complain about his intentions. But Jordan isn’t the only person who has JoJo’s men questioning their place in her life.

Derek and the other suitors discover a tabloid with an article about JoJo that interviews her ex-boyfriend Chad. 

While the guys question JoJo and her intentions, Jordan tells her on their one-on-one that he’s falling in love. JoJo, however, has her reservations.

She later confronts the former college football star about his ex-girlfriend, who reached out and warned JoJo in advance. Jordan looks downcast and admits he was young and immature at the time of that relationship, and adds that he was only focused on “one thing in [his] life” back then: “Being the best football player I could be.”

“And when I wasn’t, it was tough,” he explains. Jordan reveals he took his emotions out on other people, including the girl in question. When JoJo asks him if there was cheating involved, Jordan immediately denies it. He’s confident and ready to settle down now, but JoJo still appears unconvinced. However, she gives him the rose and admits it was one of the best dates of her life.

JoJo’s Meltdown

While she’s still on an adrenaline high from her date with Jordan, a producer hands JoJo a tabloid that promises an interview with her ex-boyfriend, also coincidentally named Chad. JoJo pages through the copy and is utterly disgusted. She can’t believe her ex-boyfriend is accusing her of being on The Bachelor for publicity.

JoJo breaks down, stating her ex-boyfriend wants to take her down with him. In the interview, Chad claims he and JoJo snuck around while Ben’s season was airing and he questions her reasons for being on the show.

“This is somebody that really brought me to a bad place while I was with him,” she says.

In the confessional, an emotionally-distressed JoJo says her love for Bachelor Ben Higgins was real. She sobs as she tells her suitors that she is there for the right reasons, and the guys rally around her. The men reassure her that they believe her, but JoJo is still very upset.

Group Date: Falling for JoJo

JoJo manages to recover by the next morning, and she’s ready for a group date! She takes Derek, Robby, Chase, Wells, Grant, Vinny, James T., and Evan to the dunes for some sand surfing.JoJo also gives Derek the date rose, making Alex angry.

After a wild day of adventure, it starts to pour and they head indoors for a cozy night in. JoJo is ready to move forward. “I’m so done with Chads,” she laughs.

One-on-One Date: Taking the Plunge with Robby

Robby scores a one-on-one date with JoJo in Punta del Este.

Despite Robby’s fear of heights, he talks JoJo into jumping off a cliff. After taking the plunge, JoJo realizes how much she trusts him. “He makes me feel alive,” she tells Bachelorette viewers. Robby is in love with JoJo, but he’s afraid to tell her.

Later, during a romantic moment, Robby shares that he recently lost his best friend. He has changed his entire life, and he tells JoJo he’s fallen in love with her. She appreciates how open he is – and gives him the date rose. They end the night with a fireworks display.

Rose Ceremony, Part Deux

As the suitors arrive for the cocktail party, Derek asks Robby, Chase, Alex, and Jordan to step outside with him. He tells them they are being viewed by the other men as a “high school clique.” Jordan shuts Derek down on the spot, calling it “petty and a non-issue.” The suitors want to focus on their relationships with JoJo – and not Derek’s insecurities.

Bachelorette host Chris Harrison enters the men’s mansion to tell them there will not be a cocktail party after all. He explains that JoJo has had an emotional week and has decided to forego the party. Harrison also breaks the news that three men will be going home that night.

The rose ceremony begins, and JoJo gets down to business right away. After she chooses the men who will stay, she must say goodbye to Evan, Grant, and Vinny.

Sneak Peek

Next week, JoJo and her suitors travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. JoJo finds passion with Luke, but more drama is on the horizon!

Tune in to The Bachelorette, airing Monday, June 27 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.



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