‘Bachelorette’ Recap: JoJo Fletcher Walks Out on Her Suitors During the Rose Ceremony

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Mi amore! What better place to fall in love than in the heart of Argentina? Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher is surrounded by beauty in Buenos Aires with her pick of eight hot guys!

On the latest episode of the hit ABC show, season 12’s leading lady is getting serious with more than one of her suitors! If you need a refresher, The Knot recaps every outrageous moment from the June 27 episode.

Bachelorette host Chris Harrison meets the guys as they arrive in the city. He announces this week will bring one group date, a one-on-one, and to the suitors’ surprise – another two-on-one date. Sharing a date with JoJo isn’t what any of them had hoped for – but in order to win The Bachelorette over, they’ll have to keep playing the game.

One-on-One Date: No Pressure, Wells

The suitors are settling into their hotel in Buenos Aires. The date card arrives, and Wells scores the one-on-one date with JoJo.

“Besame… Besame, Mmchacho,” the date card reads – translated “Kiss me” in Spanish. Wells confesses that he’s never kissed JoJo – leaving his competitors shocked and amused.

After the guys give Wells a hard time, JoJo arrives for their date.

“Are you guys gonna kiss today?” Luke asks in a cringe-worthy moment.

“That’s funny, isn’t it?” JoJo asks – noticeably less than amused. The couple takes to the streets of the beautiful city where poor Wells is feeling the pressure.

JoJo surprises her nervous, young suitor by taking him to Fuerza Bruta – a theater production with nearly-naked women swimming in a suspended pool above them.

Wells is disappointed when he misses a moment to score a kiss with JoJo. He is holding out for a “once in a lifetime kiss,” but the odds seem to be stacked against him.

But soon the date becomes steamy when JoJo and Wells get their chance to swim. They try out the suspended pool for themselves – and finally the moment arrives.

After a lingering kiss, Wells is finally feeling more confident. “That was the moment, Wells,” JoJo tells him before kissing him again. “That was the moment. We did it!”

The Moment of Truth

As JoJo and Wells arrive at a mansion for a romantic dinner for two, the other suitors receive the next date card. Luke, Robby, Jordan, James, and Alex will be joining The Bachelorette on a group date. That leaves Derek and Chase to duke it out on this week’s two-on-one.

Back at the mansion, Wells tells JoJo that he’s skeptical about finding true love. JoJo believes that everyone deserves a fairytale-type romance. In the end, she chooses not to give the rose to Wells. The kiss between them didn’t feel “100% like [she] wanted it to.”

Both of them are sad as they say goodbye. JoJo returns to the theater as people dance around her. Soon rain is pouring on the crowd – washing away her sadness.

Group Date: A Kick for a Kiss

JoJo takes her group date guys for a tour of the city. They scope out street vendors, dance in the streets, and stop for a competitive game of soccer. The locals ask the guys to compete in a penalty kick-off. The lucky winner will kiss The Bachelorette.

James Taylor is feeling out of his league on the date. He wants to make an impression somehow, as he’s feeling out of place. The competition is fierce, but James Taylor scores the goal and wins the kiss with his dream girl. He pecks her on the lips in lieu of a passionate kiss in front of his fellow suitors.

Later, Luke steals some alone time with JoJo. They make-out – and the passion between them is undeniable.

When James Taylor has a moment alone with her, he chooses to talk about Jordan. He wants JoJo to know that the former football pro isn’t who she thinks he is – that he thinks he’s the “be all and end all.” James Taylor then goes in for a kiss – but the moment seems forced. Afterward, JoJo asks Jordan to join her for a chat.

JoJo confronts Jordan about his argument with James Taylor – and asks if he feels entitled. Jordan is immediately offended that she’s questioning his integrity.

When Jordan returns to join his competitors, he’s acting strange. After an awkwardly silent moment, James Taylor admits that he called Jordan out to The Bachelorette. Jordan is angry he had to spend his time with JoJo defending himself – but he’s even angrier when Luke gets the date rose at the end of the night.

Two-on-One Date: Tango Showdown

Derek and Chase join JoJo for a passionate tango for three. The dancing is intense, and so is the dinner afterward.

During their one-on-one time, Derek tells JoJo he’s falling for her. She tells him she appreciates his words before the two share a steamy kiss.

When Chase gets his turn, JoJo admits that she doesn’t know where she stands with him. She needs “words of affirmation,” but Chase has held back, leaving JoJo confused.

Although Derek appeared to be the front-runner, JoJo gives the date rose to Chase. Derek is heartbroken as he leaves Buenos Aires behind.

A Crazy Rose Ceremony

JoJo has three roses and four remaining men to choose from. Luke and Chase are safe after receiving roses during their dates.

At the cocktail party, JoJo spends time with the men. She’s especially impressed by Jordan when he finally shares his feelings.

Alex is disappointed that he’s never been on a one-on-one date with JoJo, but she tells him she feels that she needs more time with not just him, but all of her suitors.

Chris Harrison breaks up the party by announcing it’s time for the rose ceremony. JoJo takes some time to reflect on her time with the guys, but she’s feeling particularly stressed.

After giving Robby and Jordan roses, she apologizes to her suitors and goes outside. She tells Chris Harrison that she doesn’t want to give out her final rose and hands it to him.

When JoJo returns to the rose ceremony, Bachelorette viewers assume she’s about to break both Alex and Jame Taylor’s hearts. But in a surprise twist, Chris Harrison arrives with not one, but two final roses.

JoJo is noticeably happier as she hands out the roses to both Alex and James Taylor. “I feel relieved,” she admits. “I feel like I can go to bed tonight and know that I didn’t make a mistake.”

With only six men left, Robby, Jordan, Luke, Chase, James Taylor, and Alex are running out of time to win JoJo’s heart.

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