Barbie Blank Celebrates Bridal Shower in Palm Springs on ‘WAGS’ Season 2 Premiere

wags barbie blankBarbie Blank celebrates her bridal shower in Palm Springs, California, on the premiere of E!'s WAGS. (Courtesy of E!)

The wives and girlfriends have returned! The second season of E!’s WAGS returned on Sunday, June 26, starting with the dramatic bridal shower of one of the show’s stars, Barbie Blank.

The E! reality series, which documents the personal and professional lives of eight wives and girlfriends of sports stars, ended last season with major tension. However, the new season opens on a happier note and spotlights Barbie’s wedding planning process with her fiance, NHL player Sheldon Souray. 

Barbie Blank celebrates her bridal shower in Palm Springs, California, on the premiere of E!'s WAGS. (Courtesy of E!)

Barbie Blank celebrates her bridal shower in Palm Springs, California, on the premiere of E!’s WAGS. (Courtesy of E!)

Barbie, 29, a former WWE wrestler who was best known as “Kelly Kelly” in the ring, wants her peers to work out their issues ahead of her wedding. One of her close friends, Sasha Gates, decides to throw the bride a bridal shower with all of the ladies — but there’s some drama.

Barbie is planning a small, intimate wedding consisting of only her closest friends and family members, and Sasha is not on the list. However, Sasha doesn’t yet know that she hasn’t made the cut and Barbie doesn’t know how to broach the subject. So, she’s putting it off for now.

When the two women meet for a meal, Sasha surprises Barbie by telling her she’s planning to host her bridal shower in Palm Springs. Barbie is thrilled, but she wants to make sure all of her friends are on the guest list. She requests Sasha invite Natalie Halcro along with Natalie’s cousin, Olivia Pierson, and Olivia’s sister Sophia Pierson. Barbie reluctantly agrees to include Autumn Ajirotutu on the guest list. (Autumn has caused controversy by dubbing Natalie’s relationship with football pro Shaun Phillips as “fake.”) The rift has caused an uncomfortable divide among the WAGS — and none of the outspoken women is ready to call a truce.

Autumn still senses the tension and decides to skip the shower. “Out of respect for Barbie, I should take a pass,” she tells Sasha.

When they get to Palm Springs, the WAGS ladies are impressed by the bridal shower venue at the scenic estate that belonged to the late Merv Griffin. As the women sit near the pool donning skimpy swimsuits, Barbie opens her gifts – including a tiny, black piece of lingerie. With a little encouragement from her friends, the guest of honor changes into the revealing number. Her friends hoot and holler as the bride-to-be shakes her behind at them.

Barbie Blank Shower

Barbie Blank celebrates her bridal shower in Palm Springs, California, on the premiere of E!’s WAGS. (Courtesy of E!)

Sasha mentions several times that she’s looking forward to Barbie’s wedding, but her fellow wives and girlfriends don’t have the heart to tell her she’s not invited.

Later, as the women are posing for photos to post on their blogs, Sophia gets naked as Natalie and Olivia laugh and chase her around. Sasha is disgusted by their immature behavior. She wishes that Autumn had attended the shower so she would have someone to bond with.

That night at dinner, Sophia calls Sasha out on being “mean” to her family. Natalie and Olivia chime in – encouraging her to remember she was once just a girlfriend, too. When Sophia brings up Autumn’s husband’s “cheating scandal,” Sasha has had enough.

When Sasha calls Autumn to complain about the shower, the women agree to meet for dinner so Sasha can share the details. When the women finally go out, Autumn can’t believe she had been the topic of discussion at Barbie’s shower. She wants to meet Sophia – who she has never met before.

When all of the WAGS women attend an exclusive shopping event, Sophia and Autumn make their introductions – but the conversation goes south.

“So, is your relationship fake as well?” Sophia asks Autumn unabashedly. The argument attracts attention, and pretty soon everyone is surrounding the irate pair. Bride-to-be Barbie breaks up the party by leaving the store. Despite her best effort to bring all of her friends together, the conflict continues.

WAGS airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on E!



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