Barbie Blank on Her Wedding to Sheldon Souray: I Nearly “Had a Meltdown”

Barbie Blank weddingFormer WWE star Barbie Blank marries Sheldon Souray on the August 7 episode of E!'s WAGS. (Credit: Sara Richardson Photography)

Never a dull moment. Barbie Blank‘s wedding planning experience has been well-documented on E!’s WAGS, which follows the lives of wives and girlfriends of high-profile professional athletes.

The former WWE diva, 29, married former NHL defenseman Sheldon Souray in Mexico this past February, and their wedding will be featured on the upcoming episode of WAGS come Sunday, August 7. The Knot caught up with Blank in an exclusive interview, and she reflected back on key moments from her wedding day.

Prior to the nuptials, Blank tells The Knot that she felt a mix of emotions, and yearned for some alone time. “I was nervous, excited – every emotion you could possibly feel, I had,” she shares. “The day of, I didn’t want to get ready with everyone – with all my bridesmaids. I was like, ‘I want to be in my own space with my hair and makeup. I want to [be] upstairs, quiet, calm. I want to look at the ocean and just be in this place with my thoughts. I don’t want to be around the craziness.’ I feel like that really helps – when you’re in a calm environment.”

Barbie Blank Wedding

Former WWE star Barbie Blank marries former NHL player Sheldon Souray on the August 7 episode of E!’s WAGS. (Credit: Sara Richardson Photography)

Barbie could have easily had a meltdown on the day of her dream wedding. “I didn’t see [my] makeup going on, so I walked downstairs and it was not what I wanted,” she tells us. “I kind of had a moment where I was like, ‘This is not okay! This is not what I asked for!’ I had to lay the law down a little bit and get ‘bridezilla.’ Then I went upstairs and I was like, ‘Okay, calm it down. If I would have been down there watching, I probably would have had a meltdown.”

The blonde beauty has advice for fellow brides in the wedding-planning process. “I would say, on that day, you just need to be alone with your thoughts. Just be. Just process. Just take everything in,” she shares. “Take the whole day in. I think it’s really important. You have to just be in that moment, and not stress. You have to just be calm.”

The newlyweds’ guest list included several noteworthy names. Cindy Crawford attended the Mexico wedding along with her husband, Rande Gerber. Barbie tells us that her husband and Rande have been friends for about a decade, and that Cindy and Rande are quite the generous couple. “They’ve always been good friends with Shel, so when I started dating him, we all became really good friends,” she tell us. “And actually, Rande let Sheldon and his groomsmen get dressed at their house in Cabo [San Lucas]. It was so amazing. It was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” Barbie gushes.

While WAGS viewers anxiously await the wedding episode this weekend, Barbie admits that married life is treating her rather well. “I just love being able to call him my husband,” she says – clearly thrilled to be Mrs. Sheldon Souray.

“I think it’s the coolest thing. I’m just like, [singing] ‘This is my husband!’ I just love it!” she tells The Knot. “And, I’m Mrs. Souray now. I took his last name. That’s really cool. I mean, nothing’s really changed. I think it’s just exciting that we’re husband and wife. It’s like him and me now. It’s so special – that feeling.”

barbie blank wedding

Former WWE star Barbie Blank marries former NHL player Sheldon Souray on the August 7 episode of E!’s WAGS. (Credit: Sara Richardson Photography)

Barbie met Sheldon through a mutual girlfriend about a year before the duo started dating. At the time, Barbie was on the road 300 days a year with the WWE, so she only dated within the wrestling community. Despite their busy schedules, Barbie and Sheldon ran into each other numerous times before they started dating.

“Every time I had run into him, I would get more and more like, ‘Oh, I like this guy!'” she recalls. “A year later, we ran into each other at this Maxim Hot 100 party. I was one of the hot 100, and he was there, and we just hit it off,” Barbie shares with readers. “We’d never really sat down and actually had a conversation, just him and me. We went to dinner the next day. After that, we were inseparable.”

“When I was not on the road, I would fly to L.A. and be with him,” she tells us. “It moved pretty fast and we got pretty serious. I think that’s part of the reason why I retired from wrestling when I did. A year into it, I was like, ‘I want him to be my husband.'”

“I felt like that right away,” Blank admits. “I was like, ‘I want him to be the one.’ We had to see how it played out. He felt the same way. He’s always said, ‘From the first time I met you, I knew. I knew you were the one.’ He’s so cute. The first time we’d ever had a conversation, I was like, ‘I’m moving.’ And he was like, ‘You know, it’s funny I never told you this, but all I wanted to do was help you, take care of you.’ I was just like, ‘Oh my god! That’s so cute!'”

When the bombshell retired from wrestling, she was ready to settle down. Sheldon has two young stepdaughters ages 9 and 12. “I really want to be involved in their lives,” she explains to The Knot. “I wanted to be home. I wanted to just commit to him. We got engaged two years later, and now here we are!”

And Sheldon’s stepdaughters have become an important part of her life. “The girls are so awesome,” she shares. “They’re so great with me, and they respect me. I think it’s very good, because me and Sheldon have set certain boundaries. They’re just so respectful. If I tell them something, they get it. But then, they love hanging out with me. We go shopping. I just love it, because I’m more like their friend than like a mom,” she admits. “I discipline them when I need to, but I like when they’re with me, to have fun.”

Barbie Blank wedding photos

Former WWE star Barbie Blank marries former NHL player Sheldon Souray on the August 7 episode of E!’s WAGS. (Credit: Sara Richardson Photography)

While Blank and Souray have seen their wedding video, they will be tuning into WAGS this Sunday to re-live the moment. “I’m just excited for the fans to get to see everything, all the hard work me and Sheldon have put into this,” the new bride tells The Knot. “Just, getting to see our wedding. I just can’t wait. I’m so proud of it. I just can’t wait for them to feel like they were there, to see our love, our family and friends. I’m just excited. I think it’s gonna be really entertaining.”

“There were lots of ups and downs you’re gonna see. But on the day, everything was so perfect – above and beyond what I ever imagined,” Blank concludes. “It literally was the happiest day of our lives. It’s just amazing, amazing, amazing. There’s nothing that I would do over.”

Tune in to WAGS on E! this Sunday, August 7, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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